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    Does apartment culture promote integration and communal harmony?

    Does living in apartments promote integration and communal harmony? Do you feel it is a better option than independent houses? Would there be better interaction and among the occupants and does it ensure better security? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of living in apartments? Let us discuss.

    In any major metro city of the country, one always finds apartments that have mushroomed over the last few years. With urbanization, increased movements of families for work and many families being nuclear, apartments are chosen for a quick relocation on rent or for owning our first dream home.

    There are many good things I have noticed after living in the apartments; making new friends, forming small groups for jogging, socializing at the gym etc. Any of the common problems right from legal documents, government rules, queries on tax and getting home help, all is possible via the apartment owners whatsapp group. Elders are relatively safe compared to being left alone in an independent house.

    Many public holidays ( festivals, Independence days, New year etc ) are celebrated with a small function, food, games etc that promotes interaction with families from various parts of the country and different religion.

    Please share your views and experiences
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    I agree with you.. apartment culture has proved to be really good now-a-days. In my society also, there is a lot of friendliness, people are ready to help for any sort of need. You can make good friends and neighboring relationships. There is always a huge gathering on festivals which is highly enthusiastic and fun. We get to know each other more. Because of the security available, we can even walk in society even at late night without worry. So, it is turning out to be a good living altogether.
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    In big cities there is no other way out but to stay in apartment and follow the by laws of the apartment culture and that is a compulsion. There are advantages and disadvantages. During festivities, not every one would mingle and celebrate. For example during Deepavali some may not like the bursting of crackers inside the apartments as the sick would be in the bed and thus even for small differences of opinion big face off takes place. if all the apartment dwellers are good and adjusting means ok, but trouble starts with one family which may not fit into culture and thus spoil the entire serenity.
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    It's a perfectly economical and ecological solution for the increasing space problem in cities. People belonging to same class come together and live together. This promotes community behaviour. And also different festivals which otherwise people won't celebrate, can be celebrated in apartments.
    And its great to see that more and more people are moving into apartments nowadays.

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    I totally disagree with the author's perception about apartment living. It can be seen only in few lucky apartments where the apartment is gifted with a smart guy who is interested in promoting such apartment culture. I have seen apartments where a neighbour won't know his own neighbours. People are busy in their own affairs from early morning to late night. So, may be 10 percent of the apartments might promote apartment culture, not all.
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    Apartment culture is now there in big cities. To afford an independent house it is a hectic task to have an independent house in Cities like Hyderabad. So many apartments are in place here. there many advantages in apartments. You will have a society there and the society will take care of the issues regarding the apartments. But these days many unwanted issues are happening in the apartments. Even though we are not aware of any information about these issues, we will also become responsible or we also get affected.
    But when your whole family wants to go on a trip, they can happily go by locking their flat. They need not worry. But if it is independent house we have to see for some one we will take care of our house.

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    Apartment culture is already existing in big cities as number of high rising buildings are there. There is a lot of difference between living in a single house and living in an apartment.

    Living in a single house gives a person lot of privacy and freedom to move here and there within his courtyard. He is also free to make additions and renovations here and there in his plot.

    On the other hand the life in apartment is a bit restricted and you may feel some times as if you are in a closed and cage like environment. The important thing about the apartment living is that generally apartments are having their own security and as they observe lot of functions and festivals during the year there is a feeling of friendliness between the families.

    So apartment culture is better from that point of view as you feel yourself in a connected environment.

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    Due to rapid urbanisation and concentration of facilities in the cities, more and more people are migrating to cities. It is inevitable that apartment culture will grow in cities. The cities are expanding upwards nowadays. This trend can be seen everywhere in the world. This apartment culture is due to lack of space and population explosion. There is no other alternative.

    So far as communal harmony in apartments/housing societies, I doubt about its existence. Nowadays we live in our own cocoon. Our interaction is barest minimum with ou neighbours. In the apartments or housing societies, people generally don't bother about their neighbours unless something extremely undesirable happens. The so-called harmony is only due to least interaction among people. This is not harmony, this is apathy towards neighbours.

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    Excellent views expressed so far. There will always be advantage and disadvantages in either individual homes or apartment complexes. I agree with the thoughts on both.

    #609714 In our place, we have an eco friendly option where in people decide not to burst crackers and attend the pooja in the temple within the complex. Crackers are burst ( kids and young people) only on fixed times in the corner cricket ground. Yes there will be one or two families who do not fit into this, we just have to ignore them and enjoy life.

    #60972825: It depends on the handful of people who start things off and later social interaction comes along with it. There is the usual politics, biased views of particular members etc but the community at large within the complex can be interactive, it for us to make this happen. There are many senior citizens, mothers who are housewives, morning yoga classes, evening singing, karate, tennis classes etc in most apartment complexes where people interact.

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    By reading this i cannot control my laughing. My elder brother took an apartment house with my sister in law by detaching our total family. After the demise of my mother, one day I happened to be there in his house and learnt that already three such residents were came like that ,ie detached from a big family.
    But in the next day association meeting one lady spoke that 'we should live like a joint family's.

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    What you said is true. Preachers do not practice. I too laughed at your response . We should live like a joint family with different unknown flat family members but not with our own known family members. Good Joke.

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    Human beings are known to be social beings, of course, there are exceptional cases. At times, people have to move out of their houses due to reasons which are best known to them. Accusing them of moving out from joint family wouldn't be appropriate. But once they are out and settled in another place, social gatherings are best ways to have fellowship with other beings. Apartments have its own merits and demerits in terms of security, freedom, space and many other things.

    But it's not just apartment but even flats, societies have their own way of gatherings to interact with each other which occurs once or twice in a year. Due to the hectic lifestyle, people hardly interact with neighbors but social gatherings organized by the societies are worth partaking.

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    I have been living in apartment homes since my early youth.
    I am more accustomed and adjusted to apartment life only. I found apartment life as of more secure, making people to be more accommodating and flexible. Apartment life also helps in bring harmony and integration in spite of individual differences of religion, language and other habits.

    Apartment life means: private exclusive life inside the apartment, but an inclusive open public life outside the apartment doors. It makes us a cosmopolitan in the real sense.

    Here is the rider: the apartments residents should be of heterogeneous mixture, otherwise it will not serve the purpose,if al residents belong to same religion, caste, language or habits.Apartments should be like a large garden with all variety of plants and flowers. I experienced that,enjoyed that and would love it still like that.

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    Apartment culture has come and will stay here. This type of living people a mandatory opportunity to live within a group. As we are living so near to each other it is natural that we become a bit friendly with each other.
    Frankly speaking it depends on the nature of an individual how he mixes with others. It is not necessary that all the people living in a apartment building are gregarious.
    So basically it is a situation in which some people will enjoy the company of others during functions etc while some will be having their reserved nature to remain aloof.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Glad that this thread has generated so many replies

    As we grow up and get married, the need for personal space and family space is more than what most middle-class homes can give. Hence one or two siblings move out, here again, all are not fortunate to be able to afford an independent home. Hence most of us, at least in the cities choose an apartment.
    Time, distance and travel often limit our social interactions, the easiest option next is the apartment community we live in. This also influences how we interact within the apartment/flat complexes.

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    Given a choice, I would always prefer independent houses to apartments. I have had my share of living in apartments and I will be frank to admit that I never enjoyed that life. Except for the security aspect, that too only at places where the system is properly set and regulated, I don't think life in apartments has lot many positives. Haven't we read of thefts in apartments and even murders and rapes? Most of the time even the next door neighbors doesn't come to know of it; so much so for integration and interactions.

    I feel that people living in flats or apartments are more or less like individual units and their interactions is almost limited. There may be a few families or may be next door neighbors who maintain some cordial relation but otherwise such interactions are limited to functions in the society or some special occasion being celebrated by an occupant etc. I am sure that there will be many occupants in big apartment complexes who do not even know each other. I am not making a general statement and do agree that there will be exceptions.

    Independent houses does have its draw backs too but if we consider freedom as an ingredient to satisfaction, I am sure that they will score over apartments. There too you do have a social life. Most importantly, you have space to yourself which won't be questioned by anyone. You can connect with the earth in whatever little area you have. Security may be a matter of concern but then there are ways to overcome the same too. More than anything else, it is the freedom we enjoy in many aspects that make me choose independent house over apartments.

    I do agree that with the growing population and most of them migrating to cities and townships, there is lack of sufficient space and so apartments have become inevitable. We have to learn to live with it. Expansion of townships and proper distribution of basic facilities seems to be the only answer.

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