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    Where from did you buy your groceries today? Whom did it help?

    The current trend in many urban cities and rapidly growing towns is to buy everything from a supermarket, local mall or online website.

    Let's start with the 'daily groceries'. Most of us would have accompanied our parents or grandparents to the local market to buy our vegetables from the local vendors sitting on the ground or in a small row of shops. After some haggling, we would get bags full of vegetables and fruits home.

    Unfortunately, this trend is slowly being replaced with shopping from big super-malls, outlets and online big basket like units. I agree it looks neat and fashionable to buy a pear wrapped in three layers of tissue/wax papers, but who are we helping? We are making profits for the supermarkets (making the rich richer) and forgetting the simple vendor in our own locality ( making the poor poorer).

    Would be interesting to know what others do? ( we buy from both).
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    In Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Rathyu Bazaar concept is there. Weekly one day all the farmers from nearby places bring the vegetables they have grown in their farms to a particular place in the area and directly sell them to the consumer. The consumers will go there and purchase their weekly requirement of fruits and vegetables. In our area, this Bazaar will be held on every Saturday. My wife with one of my two sons will go to the Bazaar and purchase the required items for that week. This is our practice. Many of the people will do this in our area.
    Daily morning times ladies will bring fruits and vegetables in a big basket on their head and sell in our area. They are very reasonable and we will purchase from them also. The other items required for a month will mostly be purchased nowadays from Patanjali shop. In emergencies, we will purchase a shop near our house

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    In our area the weekly bazaar concept has well established. That means all the vegetable and fruit vendors would line and and sell the products at the affordable rates and since the market being open every day on routine basis to a particular area, people wont even store vegetables for future and purchase those what is urgently required. Likewise our Kirana store is very friendly and all the grocery needs are taken care off with reasonable rates and also with deferred payment. When such facility is available, why should we shift to other way of marketing as our own vendors has to survive.
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    Normally we used to buy from our local medium sized super market. But I learnt that it is wise to buy in wholesale shops by locating the same is ours is more than a small family.

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    This is not in the case of groceries only. It is in everything.

    World has expanded. Distance has shrunk. In the early days, people were content and satisfied to consume whatever was locally available. It was a slightly improved stage of the barter system. However when people started migrating, they not only imbibed the culture and language but even the dress and food habits too. So when they revisited or returned their place, they brought these also with them. Thus demand was created everywhere for things which are not available in their small place. Logistics improvement helped varied and cross consumption.

    So the local vendor or producer was not sufficient to meet all the demands of the people. This created the birth of larger shops or supermarkets where every type of consumer gets his demand satisfied.

    Unless there is a strong system of procurement of products and proper distribution of the same under public sector, the private supermarkets will thrive only. Moreover the current macroeconomic trend all over the world is supporting such monopolist or monolithic dimension supermarkets.

    Now, to narrate my own experience. A local shopkeeper whom I was dealing with used to keep his wares as a dump. It was very difficult to see what he has. When we ask for something he used to dig into the heaps and then either bring the item or say that it is not available. So after one or two times we got discouraged to go there. I had advised him to keep things in order to enable visibility. His strange reply was that then he will be inviting the tax people. So I also slowly moved to the supermarket. In a supermarket, we have the facility to see all details like product details, manufacturing date, expiry, company name etc and can buy after getting satisfied. It is also possible that we actually over shop, just because we saw something new or unique.

    Had the local dealers and vendors been a little more customer friendly , many would not have shifted loyalties. They were monopoly. But when alternatives came people shifted. (Just take example of Reliance,Reliance Jio).

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    Completely agree with your thought, we have been undergoing with such ways of shopping in terms of vegetables too. The general stores in malls and supermarkets are selling everything starting from a small ingredient, spice to the vegetables and fruits. And since we get inside those shops and we find every single stuff there available, we feel it is better to take up from one place and rather not keep roaming around for everything. I think one of the reasons is the comfort of getting every single item and you can use trolleys to carry those goods and items. Also, the main thing is those are air conditioned super markets, so one more reason for attaining comfort while shopping. But yes, we need to understand the quality of the goods that they are selling, especially the fruits and vegetables, whether they are pure or not. It is matter of concern for all.
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