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    Every one can do miracle in our life if we get out of shackles of old thinking and laziness.

    When some one achieves the success or registers some extra ordinary activity, we get floored and even get envied over such performance. But we seldom think that every one of us are having immense talent and we are not taking that out in time. We were having fear , having the phobia of not taking risk and thus every chance in life for making a presence felt is lost. We must come out of the shackles and old thinking and allow our mind and body work in tandem and think differently to achieve something which others cannot dream nor achieve. If that kind of attitude is developed, then every one can do miracles in life.

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    Every individual is given ability.But how they use it is important. Some one will focus on his goals,sincerelyput in all his efforts and will come out successfully. The determination and dedication you have will see that things will happen as planned. So as told by author if we can come out of the shell of fear and hesitation and sincerely attempt, we can do miracles. This is true.
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    All of us grow up with our own outlook on life and level of risk-taking and as our life moves on we get used to many things even when we know that we can do better. "we live within our comfort zones', although there many better opportunities, better pay little away from the city, there are many examples like this.

    I agree with Mohan sir, it's our inbuilt fear that we can lose what we have, we can become jobless, we would be ridiculed and in the heart of the matter lies the fact that most of us want to play safe, live within the relative safety of what we know. Maybe that's the way we were brought up, we can change and we need to have calculated risks with a positive attitude, then certainly we can do small miracles for ourselves.

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    Very rightly said, if we come out of our lazy attitude , we can achieve miracles in life. We just need to figure out how we have to overcome those upcoming hurdles and problems. It is the existing fear inside us, that makes us first feel the after effects, if we do not land up getting what we want to achieve, thinking that we will stand nowhere.
    Sometimes it is the lazy attitude in us that does not allow. But when we start working on things, we can cross boundaries and achieve the best in life.

    Do what inspires you !!

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