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    Why do we cry when the onion is cut?- Remembering old stories!

    There was a time when children used to stick around their grand parents and coerce them to tell stories; it was no different with parents and teachers also. Elders in the family had enough anecdotes in stock with regard to any doubt we had. Times have changed and the present generation is more interested in television shows and smart phones. But, there may be many of us who have been lucky enough to hear stories when we were young and which we now realize, were simply stories. Can we reminiscence and share some of those?

    Why do we cry when the onion is cut? This was the question asked by our Class teacher to us when we were in School. None of us knew the answers. We looked with eagerness into her eyes to know why we cried while cutting the onions. She narrated a story to us about three friends.

    Once upon a time, there were three friends. Their names were Potato, Egg, and Onion. They were very good and best friends. They did everything together. One day, they decided to go the market to buy food for themselves. While crossing the road, the egg crossed without watching out for the red signal and it got hit by a vehicle and died on the spot. The onion and potato cried so much for their best friend who passed away. They went back home with a very heavy heart. Then one day as they were walking along the park, one man came and picked up the potato to fry it. Despite the protest, the man didn't pay any heed to the onion's voice. The onion couldn't stop crying, he cried all the way to the park. He sat on a bench and was still crying when an old woman passed by and saw the onion crying. The old woman asked the onion, "Why are you crying, my child?". He narrated the story of his friends to the old lady and asked who will cry when he dies? The old women took the onion in her hand and said that humans will cry when he will be cut. So that's why we cry when we cut the onions.

    For many years, till I learned the actual reason, I believed that this story was the reason behind our tears. I used to feel so bad for the onion during those days.

    Sometimes the anecdotes which are told to us by our teachers, parents, and elders stay evergreen in our mind. It was mesmerizing for me to recollect these stories.

    Do you remember any such stories?
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    It was a mind refreshing , funny story Neethu.. really cute I can say.
    But nice to see the friendship of onion, potato and the egg and how they three got separated. Our parents and even our teachers sometimes dictate such types of stories to us to make us laugh. I hardly remember any stories of my childhood. I think our parents and teachers are so great that they always have one or the other story in their mind to describe almost anything and they could relate to it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    Lovely story Madam, nowadays kids are very smart, they may question these stories. Not exactly a story, I remember at our home, mother used to tell us about the bad man, dark and angry waiting outside the door, to take children who make noise or who do not listen to elders. For a long time, brother and myself would be scared to be near the door or when we heard some noises outside. Slowly we grew up and out of the imagination.

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    The story was good and enjoyable about the onion. Invariably this is the only vegetable which has the capacity to bring tears in our face no matter it is the male or the female dicing the onions. But there seems to be knack to get rid of tears from peeling onions. When you watch the golgappa wallas on the road side, they cut the onions into piece and yet they wont get the tears. It seems they peel the out shell of onions and soak them in water for a while and then keep them dry to be cut later. The essence which forces us to cry would be vanishing if the onions are soaked in the water.
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    In my childhood days, my grandfather used to tell us many stories like this. We remember those stories even today also. But these days children are different. They don't want stories. They want smartphones to play. They will open the TV for cartoon network. These days we are not getting a chance to tell a story to someone. However, the story you have told is very interesting. I will tell you a small story which was told by my grandfather. Moral of the story is you can't change your destiny. If you have to struggle, you have to struggle. That's all. No other way.

    In a small village, a young man was staying. He was not having the education or any assets. He used to help the village people in small works and managing. Daily he used to go to the neighbouring village for something or other...
    Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi were sitting in their house and watching the world. They happened to see this man. Lakshmi felt sad and told her husband, why can't we help him. Lord Vishnu told no it is life, he has to face it, we can't-do anything. Even then Lakshmi wanted to help him and she decided to spread gold coins on the way from his village to the neighbouring village. The young man started from his house to the other village. Goddess spread some coins on the road. This boy started walking and while walking a thought came to him. The road is very familiar, every day I am going on this road only. I can even walk by closing my eyes on this road. Immediately he decided that he will go on that on the road by closing his eyes and implemented the same. Hence he couldn't watch the gold coins on the road and couldn't get. By observing this Lakshmi went to Vishnu and told him. Yes, you are correct we can't change the destiny of the man.

    always confident

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    I do have a huge collection of such stories told by my parents and elders and I still cherish them in my heart. What I have noticed these days is that nowadays parents hardly have enough time to tell such stories to children. What the kids miss is the power of imagination that they get while reading and listening to such stories that's why they get engrossed with smartphones. (Just one among many reasons).

    #609790: I wouldn't mind if you would call me by name. I would be more than happy.

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    Neetu, thank you for a very nice story. This is the first time I am hearing that.

    Of course I had the luck to be with my maternal grandparents till I was eight years old. So I grew up with hearing a lot of wisdom and moral stories. Some of the stories were quite convincing during those childhood ages, and hence taken to be true only to realise later that they were fiction and imagination only, but with good intentions t make us understand the moral and message behind them.

    As most of them were narrated in my mother tongue and the local language, they cannot be narrated here in the same way.

    However there was a story of two birds-sisters- who were very affectionate to each other. One day they accumulated a lot of raw fresh green beans seeds. That occupied a full bowl. They kept it in their nest. After a few days when th elder bird opened the bowl, it found that the bowl is only about half full. Then it suspected that the younger bird has stealthily eaten those seeds when the elder was away. A quarrel occurred and the elder one pushed the younger one out of the nest and it died.

    The elder bird again filled the bowl with raw green seeds and after a few days again it found that the size has dwindled. The bird realised its mistake and started regretting. The bird then started chanting '' you younger one, now the matter is settled oh I regret". Then my grandmother used to ask me listen to the sound of a bird which then appeared to me as if it was chanting the regret.

    It was later that I learned that seeds and materials lose water by evaporation and shrink in size.

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    #609836 : That was a wonderful story, never heard of it so I am glad I could add it to my collection of stories.

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