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    Miracle life of a maple tree will be a motivation for human life

    Once there was a small maple tree in front of the apartment where a small girl named Triana lived. It was during the spring season that Triana shifted to her new apartment where she saw this maple tree in front of her patio. It was very beautiful with small green leaves. After the spring season, came the summer season. This time the maple tree was providing shade to her balcony and she enjoyed watching the little birds sitting on the branches of this tree and singing beautiful songs. Days passed by and one day little Triana noticed that the leaves of maple tree is changing colors. The little girl was so surprised to see different colors like green, yellow, orange and red. Altogether it was a beautiful sight for not only Triana but all her family members. The tree added beauty to her apartment and little Triana's father told her that this is the fall season and God created maple tree with a uniqueness to withstand all the 4 seasons with respective changes and no difficulties. Triana's curiosity aroused.

    Which are the 4 seasons? Her father replied "Summer, Winter, Spring and Autumn are the 4 seasons. You already saw the 3 seasons and now it's the time for winter". Triana was eagerly waiting to see what will happen to the maple tree in winter season? But before the arrival of winter itself, she noticed that all the colored leaves fall off from the maple tree. Now the tree is not having leaves at all but in turn there were only branches. Tiina was very sad to see the trees with no leaves. Slowly winter was approaching her city and everyone including Triana's family was in festive mood. It was almost snow everywhere there. Little Triana was eagerly waiting to watch the change in maple tree. One night after dinner her father took her for a car ride to see some festive attractions. Triana was so happy to see different maple trees in her city were so decorated with illuminations to welcome Santa Claus. She understood that maple tree added beauty to her city by placing lots of illuminations on its branches that does not had any leaves. Her father gave her the good message that maple tree can withstand any circumstances that came on its way by getting adjusted to it and thereby adding more beauty. On the way back, Triana asked her father to add some lights on her maple tree also so that our little maple tree will be more beautiful.

    Every person will reach the success in their life by climbing the stones very carefully and at the same time splashing the obstacles that come in front of them. God's miracle changes in nature should be a real motivation for human beings to overcome any obstacles in their way.

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    The journey and miracle of Maple tree during the course of four seasons was well narrated by the author in this wonderful write up to the tow topic. My appreciation for that.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A good comparison. Whatever may happen. We should think that it is for our good and how to convert the occasion to our favour is the essence. As per the time, as per the seasons' changes will be happening, we have to adjust to the changes and travel to our destination with determination and courage. God is there to help us. Let us not worry why this happened and why that happened. Be serious about your goal and achieve it.
    A good story.

    always confident

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    I enjoyed reading this story, it was wonderful and had a good message within it.

    With changing circumstances we should move ahead with grit and determination.

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    Excellent story! I am deeply impressed. I didn't know about the Maple tree. Furthermore, the author has beautifully mentioned the changes in the Maple tree during different seasons and the desired ability of a human being to withstand any circumstances that come on his/her way.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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