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    Teach dharma to your kids, or else someone would teach adharma when they grow up.

    Children are the learning lots and they are eager to experience new things in life with touch and go attitude. Parents , especially mother should teach all the dharma aspects to the child when he is growing, By doing so the parents are helping the child to understand his position in the society and his tasks ahead in future. But when the parent fail to teach the dharma at the right age to the child, then others would hijack the same child and teach adharma which is dangerous to the child, family and the society. So next time see that every child is taught about their own dharma first.
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    Mr Mohan, could you make yourself more clear please? How did you conclude that if you don't teach your child about dharma (I understand what you mean is about good thoughts and good deeds, right? Or is it religion?), others will teach them adharma( (the opposite of dharma). What made you make such a general statement? It would be interesting to know the thought process that led you to this finding.
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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    Generally, children will learn the life by seeing their parents and other members of the house. Whatever we do they learn.The people in the house should be doing all deeds and giving importance to values. Then the children will also grow in that direction only. So when a child is misbehaving, the comment we get is, his brought up is like that.
    If the father gets up early morning and does puja in the morning, by seeing that the children also learn how to perform puja and he will also do that. Instead of that the gets up very late and have his bed coffee and then go for the bath. The child thinks that this is the way we have to do and he will follow the same way. By simple teaching something, the child will not learn. Follow what you want to teach, the child will follow you.
    Parents should take care of their child and see that they are on the right path. Then they will never get attracted for other bad habits. So follow and teach.

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