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    Miracles of Lord Shri Krishana.

    There were many miracles in the life of Lord Krishana. As he born, his father was shackles off. There was storm and rain to help the Vasudev in shifting the child to Nand's home. There was another miracle when he killed the Jarasandh. Arjun was confused and unwilling to fight and kill his cousins and relatives. Then the Lord Krishan shown Arjun the real miracle by showing his "virat swaroop" and preaching him the sermon of Geeta. Which had provided Arjun with wisdom and he became ready for war against Kauravas.
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    That is true. Krishna has done many miracles. At his child age, he lifted Givardhnagiri to protect his people from the stony rain. He killed Kalindi snake at his very early age. He converted to banana trees into two Gandharvas. He managed 8 wives which is a big miracle. He managed the wedding of Abhimanyu with his game plan by taking the help of Ghatotgaja.Saving Pandavas from the fire accident of the house they are staying is also a big miracle. Like this, his life is full of miracles. It is true. I agree with the author. If we read Mahabagvatam, we will get all the miracles done by Krishna in his life.
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