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    Obesity. How do you practically tackle it?

    Obesity sadly is soon going to outnumber other common killer diseases. It's not uncommon to have one family member, relative or friend or colleague at work who is obese.

    We read so many articles on reducing obesity asking us to do this, do that, eat this, avoid this and that fat is good, carbohydrates are bad etc. However, in reality, people have tried so many things with little success. Expensive diet regimens, natural therapy for a week, colonic washouts etc have been used as no effective single remedy exists. People undergo surgery and life changes but not dramatically and not without side effects.

    So friends, have you tried a particular diet regimen and sincerely felt that it made a difference in your weight, please share your experiences. Are you watchful of your children's weight and measure you have taken to control their chubbiness?
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    There are many methods like diet control, exercises and other measures to control weight but until unless one has a zeal and strong will for reducing his weight and become physically fit no method will work.

    Especially in early life the children cannot have this type of determination and focus for controlling their diet which only comes with the bitter experiences of life and it is only in the latter part of life that people become conscious of this fact that controlled eating with regular exercises are the key to weight reduction.

    So in my opinion no method will work until unless we are determined to do this difficult but possible measure of weight reduction. I have seen many cases where people have achieved this within a few months.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I don't know whether Obesity turns out to be the top fatal disease or not I know for sure that it is fatal to one's happiness and confidence. Fatal than cyanide. I experienced and been experiencing this. My lifestyle, hostel food, or poor diet, hormonal imbalance whatever may be the reason is I am on the border between overweight and obesity. I searched online, read articles, watched videos, and I sometimes I cried whenever someone told me that I am obese and should not eat much and do something to lose weight. Being an obese girl is the worst thing in our society. Everyone looks at you as if you're not eligible to be out in the society. Everyone suggests to eat less or stop eating junk as if they know that all the day you do is just to eat and as if they see you every day at the chat center. I am not a foodie, I eat junk once in six months or so. Stil I gained weight. What I mean to say is that overeating won't be the reason for overweight in everyone's case. In my case, it is thyroid and an inactive lifestyle. I sit for hours together studying and I don't have the scope go out and exercise in my village so every time I look myself in the mirror I felt like chopping down my extra weight. Finally, I succeeded in joining a fitness center a month ago and I feel better now.
    Before starting any diet regime or any weight loss programme we should first consult a doctor, an endocrinologist in particular and find out the reasons for the weight gain and then do as they suggest.
    I do exercise for one hour a day and I eat fruits and take coconut water whenever I feel like eating something. I did see a change. My final suggestion is to take the path which suits your health condition and gives you permanent and healthy results.

    Carpe Diem

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    There is a very poor understanding of what constitutes a healthy diet. Home cooked food might not necessarily be healthy if it is loaded with empty calories from fat, sugars and carbohydrates.

    There is also this concept, in our society that you are healthy, only if you are fat. Thin people are often termed as 'weak'.

    I think a few 'healthy' changes in lifestyle can combat obesity, in most individuals. I found that cutting out sugar from my diet, resulted in a drop of 3kgs on the weighing scale, in less than a month, without additional exercise. Though now I have another problem, I keep getting asked if I have diabetes, because I refuse sugary foods.

    I found that eating smaller meals, more often, keeps the metabolic rate high and helps burn more calories. Water is another essential when you are looking to lose weight. Weight loss exercise must include strength and weight training, along with cardio workouts. Because these help build muscle, and the more muscle you have the more calories you burn, to maintain it.

    "A love affair with knowledge will never end in heartbreak." -Michael Garrett Marino

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    This is a very common problem in our country. For my height I am overweight but not obesity. I don't eat junk food. I eat very less. I eat very less rice and nights I don't take rice. Only fruits that too before 7 PM and a small cup of coffee without sugar and milk at 8 PM. Rice only once that is in the morning around 9 AM. Lunchtime I will have 3 pulaks with vegetables. I am a pure vegetarian and egg also I will not take. But I gained weight. I consulted a doctor. What he told is very interesting. He says the tension I had in my mind is the reason for gaining weight. The tension was from my job. After his consultation, I used to take works lightly and I stopped worrying about the issues at work. Then I changed my job which is a tension free job. But I have not completely reduced my weight. Earlier even though doctor advised me to walk every day, I neglected. But now from the last one month, I started walking regularly and also started doing yoga for some time. Now, I feel that I should come down. I am trying my best. I have to wait for the result.
    always confident

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