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    Do you follow the middle path in life?

    Many times at home, in our neighborhood, among relatives and friends, there will always be an awkward or a delicate situation wherein you have to choose, knowing full well that there would always be one unhappy person. It may be an argument at home between spouse/children, spouse/parents, two good students, two colleagues, etc.

    So times I find it difficult to strongly support one individual at the expense of hurting the other one. I initially try to keep things neutral and follow the middle path, time slowly sorts things out. Only life filled with experience and maturity teaches us to handle such situations amicably.

    Would welcome senior members to share their views or have I opened the pandora's box?
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    In a family following middle path may be a correct option. When some argument is between two of your kids, if you all of sudden enter and say that one is wrong, it gives a negative feeling in the mind of at least one child. Generally what I will do is I ask both of them to stop the issue there and I will divert the subject to some other area and I will be mediating the discussion till it is completed. That way both of them will get some time to think about the issue what they were discussing before my arrival. By that time their moods will change and they will think more openly. This will give a better sense to them and they will not continue further discussion. Even they discuss also it will go in the correct path. But this approach may not work in our professional lives. Some people may feel that we are bad but we have to call a spade a spade only. There is no middle path here. You should be more clear but of course, you can polish your words in conveying the message but it should give clarity to the other person.
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