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    The first times - Sweetest and Sourest.

    First-time-ever experiences come with a mixed bag of eagerness, excitement, tension and ultimately joy or dejection. But we always remember the first-time-ever happenings in our life with a kind of nostalgia. Let us get together in this platform and rewind to look back at the sweetest and sourest first-time-ever incidents in our life.

    'For the first time,' this expression arouses an unnamed feeling in every human. First cycle ride, first day of school, first movie, first trip with friends, first birthday, first gift, first success, first trial of a new dress, first day of gym, first speech on stage, first drawing, the first song we sang, the first dance, first trial at something we are afraid of doing, first smile at your best friend, first love, first proposal, first friend in your life, first time you saw your soul mate, first time your parents beat you, first time you got punishment, first rejection.... the list goes on.

    Whatever it may be when we are experiencing or doing it for the first time we experience a strange, sweet feeling - a combination of tension, excitement, and joy. These first-time - ever experiences may not always be happy ones. Some give us happiness while some give us embarrassment. Some bring a pleasant smile on lips and tears in eyes, some make us laugh at ourselves for the foolish thing we did and still some make us heave a deep sigh and make us aware of our mistakes and help us like a good friend in guiding our future acts.

    Whatever the result is, these first experiences are always special. Dear friends share your sweetest and sourest first - time - ever.
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    First time when we experience a new feeling that will be unforgettable. Whether it is good or bad, the first time happenings will be remembered always. When I have driven my car for the first time with my family, I felt very happy and my feelings are excellent. From my first job in the industry, I was having a company provided the car with driver. So I never had the necessity of purchasing a car. But oot of my interest I learned driving. Slowly I started travelling by self-driven car. Whenever I have to go to the nearby place with family for sightseeing, I used to go in the company car. I used to ask the driver to take leave. I used to go with my family. For the first time, I travelled to Warangal from Hyderabad. It has taken about 3,00 hours. My two Kids were very happy. They are sitting in the back seat. My wife is the front seat. Both the boys enjoyed my driving. We have spent the whole day there. Stayed overnight in a hotel and reached back by the next day evening. A very good experience. Still, we remember that trip.
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