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    "The Government is open to privatise railway lines."

    The Railway Minister Piyush Goyal recently told that the Government may privatise railway lines to generate competition. In April 2017, Suresh Prabhu who was Railway Minister then ruled out privatisation of Railways saying that the Government cannot ignore the common man. He further stated that the problems of railways cannot be solved by privatisation. Within a span of 5 months, there is a drastic change in the policy of the Government. Does the Government has a stable policy at all?

    The common man is mostly dependent on public transport. Privatisation of railway lines increases the burden on the common man. The Indian economy is already in troubles due to the decisions of the Government. Hope the Government will take wise decisions with the advice of experts and try to bring the country out of the problems created by it.
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    I don't think that will happen. Railway network is such a bid network managing it is very difficult. Even railway routes are offered to private people for running the trains, the tracks are to be maintained by the government like public roads. So any accident for any train even though the vehicle is a private vehicle, the track belongs to the government only. The blame game will always be there. Finally, it will go into the account os the government only. So what I think is owing routes, platforms and stations by the government and the only operation of trains by private parties may create more problems. Instead, the government can own everything but certain operations like maintaining the stations, maintaining the trains and administration of platforms can be outsourced. But the remaining technical works should be with the government only. IRCTC is a private body operated institution only. The same concept can be extended. I think this is what the railway minister is expressing.
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    Recently we have seen many decisions which were taken hastily without considering its aftermath, we have also seen the how the government has justified such actions. Maybe it's time that they start looking into issues and start making wise decisions.

    I have also noticed the change in the ideology of the government in various issues.

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