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    Miracles happen when we look for good omens and positivism

    Miracles are nothing but series of unpredictable and unexpected good coincidences which if understood does not stay in the list of coincidence, we want them in our lives they keep us driving to strive for best. But they attract us and scare us at the same time we love to have miracles in our lives but doubt whether we should believe in their existence or not, we fear how people will perceive us if we began to believe in such things.
    Life is totally unpredictable but what we need is to look for positivity and good omens which tells us that everything is going fine. A miracle happens when we look for such good omens and positivity. There have been TV series created many books written about the topic how this positivity and ability to look for good omens attract more good things into our lives but we often think them as coincidence.
    Many times you may have observed this also that when you hope and wish for something and it happens even if it was just in your imagination and dreams it suddenly becomes reality but we consider such things as coincidence.
    But if you keep observing and have faith in the power of positivity and look for good omens such coincidences will be very normal for you that's a miracle of life which we don't give much attention. And those who give attention to such things get what they want by wishing things we call them lucky but think about it is there any luck there, no its simple science that people often fear to understand thinking it might be dangerous or think it as useless.
    But miracles happen for those who understand it. You can get the best idea of such miracle through the book "The Alchemist" by Paolo Coelho and a movie called "the secret law of attraction"
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    The happenings of miracles are unpredictable. We don't know when it will happen and how it will happen. Unexpected things may come to you as a miracle. But if you want something to happen contribution from your side is also required. Having positive thoughts is very necessary for things to happen. A good omen indicate that you will be successful. When you start the work with a proper planning and with positive thoughts, you will be successful. This will be indicated by a good omen. But simply good omen and positivity will not bring you always miracles without your contribution.
    A good thread bt the author.

    always confident

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