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    The Hare and the tortoise, a new perspective.

    We all know the old story of the competition between the hare and the tortoise. Even though the hare is very fast because of the overconfidence it has lost the competition.
    Again they planned another contest. This time they have decided a distance. In the route, there was a pond also. When they decided the route they have not taken this aspect into consideration. Hare started very fast and quickly reached up to the pond. But it doesn't know swimming. It is just thinking how to cross the pond. Meanwhile, the tortoise came and walk over the pond and reached the destination early. Again hare lost. The lack of competence is the reason. To win a competition competence, accuracy and thoroughness are. required.
    Again they panned the same competition, same route and same rules. This time they decided that both should win. The tortoise got onto the hare. The hare travelled the distance fast and both reached the pond. Now the tortoise came down. The hare got up on the tortoise. The tortoise travelled the pond and both of them reached the destination at the same time. Both parties won. Both of them are happy. A win-win situation always brings happiness. So in this world, we should aim for our victory but not the defeat of others. Another moral is teamwork is better than an individual attempt.
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    Wonderful re-narration of the story of The Hare and The Tortoise, the first two parts I had read but I didn't know about the third part. Team efforts do help you win the situation but another thing that we need to make note of is that, if the same team is a hindrance to the growth it's better to work alone to achieve it faster than getting delayed. This should be applied only if the team members are a hindrance otherwise it is always good to have a team effort.

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