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    Miracles of Nature are there to be loved.

    Human civilisation ever since its existence has tried to explore, understand and exploit nature to its own ends. The miracle of life from nature is yet to be deciphered satisfactorily. But among all forms of life Humans were given the ability to be concious of surroundings. Perhaps nature wants itslelf to be loved. This is the reason why it personified to become humans.But Human have forgot that they are part of this nature and instead of loving it have created artificial institutions like state, fundamentalism, society etc. to exlpoit nature for betterment. It is time humans realise their betterment not lies in these artificial things but loving the nature and betterment of human lies in preservation of nature. It is time we admire the greatest miracle of us the nature.
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    Wonderful thread by the author about the miracle of nature. We also need to understand that the manner in which we treat our nature it will boomerang back to us. It might be already too late that we have realized that nature has been exploited at its core, it's time that we start caring and start taking action for our future generation lest they suffer.

    It takes many years to form grains of sand like even water, all these are non-renewable and money won't be able to do anything.

    So let's vow to preserve the nature!

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    A good description. Nature is a gift of God to the living beings. How we use it for our betterment is in our hand. As long as we protect the nature we are all safe on this earth. Unfortunately the human being never understood the greatness of this nature. It was spoiled to the core. Now the nature statedshowing it's miracles. No proper seasons in time. Summer is spread all over the year. There in no winter as the same day we started feeling all the seasons. This gives an idea to us how much we spoiled the nature. It is high time we should realise and do our best to protect the nature.
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    lovely thoughts on nature, the majestic rolling hills, the vast green forests, the animals living in it are threatened because of the relentless greed of man to have more and more. Arces of green forest land are encroached in the name of growth and development at such rapid speed that very soon very little of mother nature will be left.

    Our forefathers grew up in harmony with nature, we are growing up intent upon destroying nature and our future generations will grow up reading stories of nature and seeing nature in movies as nothing much will be left if man and mankind doesn't give up his greed for mother nature.

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    Excellent responses on the thread. By this thread I am making clear clear that this is not against the advancement in science and technology the human civilisation has achieved and the ways it has tried to improve its standard of living. But the need to build huge stock piles of weapons, extra vacant life style with no regard to environmental issues, consumerism, spending resources in the name of fighting for some institutions like state needs to be revised. State was created for the betterment of human lives and no the other way around. In globalised world were we can understand human beings and there are certain moral values of human rights throughout the world the need to fight by states need to be revised. States were created at time when humans were suspicious of themselves. The role of state in welfare activities is justified. But the need to fight with other societies in the name of ideologies need to be revisited.

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    Nature is the source of all the energy and excitement which humans avail. It is the nature who provides us everything even for creating artificial things.

    In our restricted vision we are attracted by artificial things and engross in them so deeply that we forget the nature and disconnect with it. That is the most unfortunate part of human life. A person who has not observed - how the green grass envelopes the meadows and how the beautiful rivers and falls transfer water from hills to seas and how the animals in the jungle run and play with beautiful strides - has lost the most valuable thing in his life and that is perceiving nature to understand its beauty and splendor.

    We are like ants for the fury of nature and at the same time it gives us everything from shelter to food. So how can a person be aloof from nature. It will be a pity to think like that.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Very nice thread to preserve and understand the miracles of our nature. Nature gives us everything that we need to survive on this planet. It is filled with beauty all around , the sunshine, the moon, the greenary spread in its own way, the lovely plants , trees providing shade to a lot many people. Many small creatures, insects live in this nature, it is their home. So, we need to protect it. We rather need to preserve it as a human being. The major diseases to our nature like pollution, deforestation, needs to be treated properly.
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    Yes nature has been created for the cause of human beings and it is our expressed duty to preserve the nature and conserve it for the future. In the garb of nature being helpful to us, animals and birds also take refuge in nature and thus they are also indirectly being depended on human and our nature. So when we go on destroying spree, the natural habitat gets destroyed to pave way for human habitat and thus complete commotion takes place in the nature serenity. So God has created the miracle of nature which has to be preserved for future no matter what may the demand for housing and infrastructure.
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