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    Losing self confidence is the starting point of failure.

    Try to recognise and understand our body and individuality. We cannot directly control our surroundings and atmosphere where we are born and live. Remember always that no one is complete. Every one has his/her own abilities and disabilities. Hence there is no use in trying to compare oneself with others. Never try to copy others blindly.
    Every one has his/her own identity. Try not to lose our identity. Try to improve the same through learning and practice. Each one of us has more capacity and ability than one thinks. We can achieve this by working hard. For this we have to go on improving our own self confidence if we ascertain the same repeatedly.
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    Some time loosing self-confidence is good because you will learn more to achieve your confidence again. A person cannot be confident always its depends upon the situation and result of your work its increase or decrease.
    I also had very less confidence but by good work, confidence is increasing day by and now I am strong in confidence.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Fully agree with you sir, everyday we see people at work, at functions and in our neighbourhood, some who are better of than us and we are better off than some of them. So it does mean that we should be sad or happy when we meet such individuals. Each one of us in life has a purpose, a unique outlook and trying to imitate others will not help us in the long run.

    What we need is a positive outlook and when we see someone better off than us, then we should be happy for them and motivated to achieve things in a honest way. On the same note, when we see someone living beyond their means, we should be cautious and maintain a distance from such individuals as monetary or social status gains achieved by unethical means is similar to betraying one's own self. All that may be needed is reflecting at our strengths and skills, evolve means to utilise them to overcome our shortcomings. Nobody is perfect and everybody can't be a winner at all times.

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    Self confidence is one of the most important attribute for achieving progress and success in life. There are many other things also which are required for achieving the objectives or goals.
    Self confidence without knowledge and efforts is a deceptive thing and it will lead us nowhere. A person having acquired good education and having got a good job can progress in his career tremendously if he has this great quality known as self confidence.
    Some people though knowledgeable shy from making presentation, lectures or speeches. That is a lack of self confidence. They feel if they do some mistakes what people will say. This is a type of inhibition. With self confidence we can tackle this inhibition and get ourselves open to others.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Yes nicely said by the author, by loosing self confidence, we are not only doubting our ability and risk taking attitude but also portraying our image as the non performer in others eyes. By having self confidence, we shall beam with great attitude face in front of others and that will bring more cheers and attachment of others towards us. And how the self confidence can be inculcated , which is quite simple. Think positive, think action and never postpone the things for future, And those who are performed with self confidence, have courage to appreciate them and encourage them.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Interesting thread.
    Just think in a different way
    Confidence and low self-esteem are imaginary concepts that float around our mind. They are the states of mind.
    What thought allow to exists in your mind are up to you. If you are allowing negative thoughts to float around your mind, we will say you are at low esteem. If you are allowing positive thoughts to float around your mind we will say you are confident.
    So, to be confident always, take charge of the thoughts that appear in your mind yourself.

    I love chocolates and ice creams!

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    True. Self confidence and positive thinking are very important for everyone. We should have confidence but not over confidence. Over confidence will make you to lose. Self confidence will make you to win. Comparing ourself with somebody else and feeling low or high is not a correct phenomena. Every individual will have his own abilities and talents. Nobody is inferior or superior. The result more depends on how confident you are and how you are facing the task. I read somewhere. A mouse is going out with its children in the evening. One cat has seen them.The children of the mouse just started fearing. But the mouse asked them to be happy and stated shouting blow bhow. Thinking that is a dog the cat ran away. Even though cat is stronger than the mouse, mouse acted with self confidence and deceived the cat. Our thoughts and our ideas play an important role in our victory. If we lose our self confidence and positivity, regaining it is very difficult. The victory may go far from your side. So be confident and never have negative thoughts.
    always confident

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