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    By being a teacher I feel happy.

    It is God's blessing that I am a teacher. Throughout the day, I have been playing the role of an actor,
    nurse, doctor, guide, a friend of students. I have felt pain for my former students. I build the castle with love and care.I pass my day in peer pressure. But I have great allies such as curiosity, faith, love,
    creativity and laugher. I am obliged for the students and parents, who have given me the great honour to entrust to me. I have a past full of memories. I have a present full of challenges and I have a future full of trust and honour. Does not a teacher play so many roles? Is teaching not a profession
    of challenges? Share your opinion about teachers.
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    I think its best suitable job for women because timing is good, there will be improvement day by day and you need to learn new things to teach well.

    Teaching is not a very easy job you need to up your personality to handle a lot of students and keeping control on him.

    So overall its better than other job.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Being a teacher is a unique job with unique responsibilities. Outside the family, a child is entrusted to the care of the teachers who over the years slowly see them grow up laughing, crying, sleeping and see them scribble illegible jumbled up lines and gradually moving on to writing ABCD , words and then sentences.

    The teacher also plays a vital role in the continuous stimulation of the child's senses, curiosity, develop extracurricular skills and nurture unique talents in each one of them. As time goes by the teacher becomes an integral part of the child's life doing multiple hats of a friend, elder, advisor, trusted face in whom children confide, career guide, a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean.

    The true teacher, in my view, is someone who can identify the students who lag behind in academics ( backbenchers), focus on their schooling and bringing them along with the rest of the good performers so that these lag behinds do not become leftovers.

    There are many us like me here who wouldn't be able to reply to this thread if not for our nurturing by our teachers.

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    Teaching is definitely a field filled with challenges, experts of tomorrow are groomed by our teachers today. They groom the next many generations which is a great responsibility. When a student achieves success, they get reminded of their teachers who played a greater role in their life.

    Having taught few students, I do have a glimpse of the stress level that a teacher has to undergo. All the roles defined by the author is very true. Along with all those roles, they even play the role of our parents.

    Every job has its own challenges and stress level.

    #609843: I would like to differ with your opinion that it's the best suitable job for women, while it's true that the timings are very flexible and teaching is one of the best jobs, there are many other factors which also need to be considered.

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    Teaching is a noble job. They are the makers of tomorrow's citizens. The future of the country is in the students of now. The students are in the hands of teachers. So teachers are the sculptors of tomorrow's country. That is why in Hindu religion has given a very important place to the teacher. We believe that teacher is equal to God. Definitely becoming a teacher is a boon. But sorry to say this, please don't take as a criticism. Many teachers these days prefer that job as it is very leisurely job. But it is not true. You have to go to the level of the students, use the language in a level he can receive and understand your teachings. It is not easy. The other jobs are different. But in teaching job you should always get updated with the subject and you should be able to teach the students in a way that they all admire you as a good teacher. Even today I remember my Mathematica teacher in my high school we taught me the mathematics in such a simple way even today I remember him. That should be the ultimate goal of a teacher. A teacher has to reach from his heart to the student. Then definitely students will remember them forever.
    always confident

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    Teaching by profession is the best and superior to every other. A teacher is well accepted in a society. Both men and women can shine in this profession. In olden days a Guru is considered as next to King. Even Kings used to get advices from Gurus.
    Even these days a teacher gets a special status. I spent more than 35 years as a teacher. Since I was teaching at University level, many of my students have come to top positions in different fields. This include Vice Chancellors, Directors of Scientific institutions, District Collector, professors, Scientists, etc. In the institutions where these people work if I go for any purpose, I noticed how they respected their teacher.
    Today one of my colleagues who worked as another in the same institution died. I just passed this news through my face book account. Now condolence messages are coming from different parts of the world. That means our students are still remembering their teachers who taught them thirty or forty years back.


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    Teaching is a great profession. A teacher plays the most memorable role in our lives. From the moment we start going to school, and till our college, it is our teacher who teaches us from how to write A, B, C... to the big graduation topics. They interact with students, make them learn, teach them manners and those kids when grow up, become an integral part of the country playing major roles as a doctor, pilot or an engineer and serve the nation. Teaching is also a part of learning, and our teachers do it the best way.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    I know the value of a teacher as my wife is in teaching profession for the past 17 years and every activity of her is being discussed in the house we we also cooperate with her. Being a mother teacher for the Pre Primary section, she has more responsibility as the second mother next to the parent and every child would feel happy and wont cry and they are eager to visit the school daily. Such is the relation she keeps with the children and they wont go to other class even after passing out. Those who have studied in her class in past and gone to higher classes still come and wish her before entering their class.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nowadays due to continuous evaluation, the teachers have to work throughout the year and even at home. They have to check reports, projects and answer-sheets even at their home. So, for the last six-seven years, the teaching profession has become more challenging. Furthermore, in private schools, the teachers are poorly paid. I feel that due to various reasons, the zeal of thee teacher to prepare students for life is less present now.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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