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    Emotion is strong things for human or weak?

    Is emotion strong things for human or weak? In the world some people are emotional and some are not but if a person is an emotional type then people think it's weak properties of human nature do you think its true or false.

    Describe in your way, please.
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    Humans are bound to express emotions, this is the way we have been created. While it's true that people do think that those to express their emotions are very weak specifically those who cry very easily.

    We have been blessed with all kinds of emotions to express our grief, sorrow, joy anger, displeasure. What point is it if you can't express your emotion and holding them back will do no good. Unless your emotions are extreme as in extremely angry or extremely crying it shouldn't be a cause for concern and it is definitely not a sign of weakness.

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    Emotions are not as such our weakness. Every human being will have emotions. When you see your parents after a gap of 3or 4 years, you will become emotional. When you came to know that your son got University first you will become emotional. When a close friend expires you will become emotional. It is a natural phenomena. But some people take care in such a way that their emotions are not visible outside. This is good if you can keep your emotions with in you. In our family we can express our emotions freely. But when it comes to emotions you should act wisely.If you see somebody doing a good job and exceeds your expectations your feel can e press this feeling to the concerned in presence of everybody. It motivates the other person and try working further hard. If you happened to see somebody playing a mischief, if you shout on him on the spot in presence of everybody he may get demotivated. Instead of that if you call him separately and talk to him about your emotion and what the mistake he has done, he will take it positively and try to re tidy himself. If we are getting angry on somebody you need not express it immediately. Reserve your anger, when the person approaches for something or other you can take out your anger and express him your emotions. It will give a better effect.How you use your emotions decide whether you are weak or strong.
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    Better and described well by both of your situation can make it powerful or it can be your weakness and you need to control it as per situation.
    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    Emotion is the way of one's expression during some situations and that should be guarded and controlled. Some people cannot control their emotions and outburst at the time of some happenings and that portrays their weakness. I have seen one gentleman uncontrollably weeping at the lost of his pet in a accident and his emotions cannot be controlled even by the family members. Such was his attachment with the pet that he refused to have food for three days and later recovered. This type of over indulgence of emotions would only portray our weakness to others and that should be avoided.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Emotions are part of human life, without it we would be misfits not knowing the difference between joy and sorrow, anger and peace, laughing and crying. As we grow up in life, depending on our surroundings and our outlook we try to master our emotions so that there are subdued be it anger or joy. In social gatherings, women and children are more emotionally expressive when compared to men. Men express their emotions often when they are in the company of their old schoolmate or close circle of friends.

    Extreme ends of emotional expressions can be harmful causing rifts at home, workplace and among friends. Yes we need emotions, they are certainly not a sign of weakness or vulnerability but a sign of being human.

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