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    If you are private employee then what you will do to make your pension money?

    If you are a private employee then what you will do to make your pension money? I think this question is same but the style is different so your answer should be stylish.
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    I am having some doubt about the title and content of the thread. However, I will definitely advise a private sector employees to do the following four things for a safe and secure retired life:-

    (i) Invest regularly in the Contributory Provident Fund
    (ii) Invest through SIP for at least ten years in a good equity based hybrid fund, which is often called balanced fund.
    (iii) Have a term insurance and a health insurance (if the employer doesn't provide the same).
    (iv) Open a NPS account and invest regularly in a systematic manner for tax benefits under Section 80CCD of the IT Act and for regular pension after reaching 60.

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    I am also a private employee . So I should also have a plan for my retired life. When we are in job we have to reserve some of our earnings for the retired life. One good aspect is we will get our PF amount at the time of our retirement. We have to care fully plan and keep that money in some fund and we should see that we will get some returns every month. In such case we need not depend on somebody after retirement. Even after retirement basing on our health and energy condition, we can work some where part time or full time so that that will add on to our income through interest and we can have a normal life. As mentioned by Parthia, medical insurance and health insurance are very important for everybody. But these days people are not giving much importance for savings which is not correct. We should plan for our retired life very early in our life.
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