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    Emojis and SMS language have snatched the beauty of our language

    I am of the opinion that with the advent of the emojis and SMS, we have lost the beauty of expressing our thoughts through words. We have limited our self with the usage of emojis and SMS language wherever possible.

    When I got mobile for the first time, I barely understood the SMS language used by my peers but with practice I started to understand and started using them frequently. Within a year I could blindly type and understand them. Then came my English exams, unfortunately, I wrote half the paper in SMS language without realizing that I had to use proper words and I found myself struggling with the spelling which I could write so easily earlier before I got my hands on mobile. That's when I decided that I will boycott this SMS language and will use full spellings no matter what. It took me awhile to get back on track of using language with proper spellings.

    I still take the use of emojis while texting in WhatsApp and other social media. But with the use of all this, we have lost to use words to express our feelings.

    Be it our native language or English, we have so many words which can describe our feelings. The more we think the better we can come out with words in a beautiful manner.
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    These days everybody is easygoing. They want shortcuts for every thing and anything. If there is a chance we will try to find out shorty cuts to reach moon also. These are the days. Some when we char with some young people we will not understand some of their abbreviations. This is how the things are happening. When we were in high school, in language paper, for each spelling mistake 1/2mark and for each grammmer mistake 1 mark was being deducted. But now I understand no cuttings for grammar and spellings if you can express the answer in such a way that the teacher can understand he can award you the marks. So there is no necessity of grammar and spellings is not there. Write as you understand and teacher will award you the marks if he can understand the feelings. Very very sorry state of affairs. Are we in the right path.
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    Yes, today everything is shortened, brother is BRO, sister in law is SIL, for you is 4U. This has even crept into native languages, in Tamil I hear new terms which never existed when I was a child. Maybe the younger generation feel a need for change in everything,

    I think the grace and charm of prose or poetry or even a letter are lost when we start using such shortened language format. I think like pure science, language also will move on to a stage wherein if one has to learn it formally, then they need to enroll for a pure English course or pure Tamil,Telugu course.

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    I am in total agreement with the author. It is a fact that most of the people who use SMS language or emoji to convey their mind are literally losing touch with the language. I feel that we are, by doing so, murdering a language. It may have have started due to the restrictions on the number of characters one can include in a message but then it has taken over as a substitute to proper use of words. Being in a crowd who feel they have very less time and are very busy, people have found it convenient to use SMS language or emoji. I think it is not just the language that suffer; such messages lack life and is more or less a mere ritual rather than words that convey a feeling from the heart. We have come a long (?) way from writing detailed letters to sending messages and in the process have lost our connection with the language and also the intensity of relations.

    It won't be out of place to mention here that I have never resorted to SMS language (even in Twitter) though I use emoji at times only to add up to what I have written.

    'He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.'- Elbert Hubbard.

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