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    Married life: Miracle of Life

    A confused, anxious young man about to be engaged met his wise old teacher. His worry was that although he was getting married soon, he was concerned about his parent's frequent quarrels and arguments. So he asked the teacher how will I understand my wife and be together.

    The wise mature soul understood the conflicts of the young budding mind and replied as follows. Son, imagine the two tracks of the train, one is you and the other is your wife. At a glance close by you two are separated, at the distance far away you two look to merge. So you set off hoping that at the next station you will start understanding each other. However, at the next station and the next station, you both will be disappointed because the tracks never meet.

    As you ponder, both of you realize a gradually increasing weight on your back. This is your family, now forgetting how hard you were trying to understand each other, you start focusing on the train on both tracks realizing that for the train to chug along smoothly, it needs both of you in harmony, one cannot do away with the other. As you mature as a married couple, although both tracks can't meet you both will be filled be pride and happiness, as you carry your family (children) from one stop to another in the journey of life, the journey with your wife.

    So friends, one of the miracles in our lives is '"married life, we may never understand each other but we work hard, make sacrifices, put up with hardships so that our children can get the best and they can grow up as good human beings ready to take part in the circle of life once more.
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    Married life is not a miracle, as far as my view is concerned. I may be wrong in my thoughts. Marriage life is a heaven or a hell. How you make it purely depends on the two partners involved in the issue. As long as we have the quality of adjustment, I think we can make our married life a heaven only. This mentality should for both. If one is having that nature and the other doesn't have also sometimes it will become difficult to make it a heaven. When two brains are involved two ideas will be there and two perceptions will be there for any problem. If the two concerned sit together and discuss the issue and come to an understanding the entire life will become easy. There should not be any egos here. The best answer for all questions can be selected if the matter is discussed in its true spirits and have an unbiased opinion. So we can't expect any miracles to happen in married life. We have to lead the life with adjustment and understanding. Then it will be a better life.
    always confident

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    Who said that married life is miracle. It is in fact the way we cherish and want to have it. If the marriage takes place with the consent of two heart and soul, there cannot be difference of opinion on any matter. And if at all any issues, that wont be a big problem to keep pending and dragging. Known and knowledgeable couples have the ability to sort out the differences if any then and there itself. The problems escalate when we postpone the things beyond time limit. So if the living is planned with harmony and adjustment there is nothing like married life. And by the way little face off, little joke, little un-trust would go a long way to understand each other well.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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