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    What do you feel on railway ticket reservation in India on Diwali Festival?

    What do you feel on railway ticket reservation in India on Diwali Festival? Are you able to get confirm ticket or still in the waiting list and struggling for the ticket and depending on the agent? I am feeling that we are still not able to get a ticket on the special train also if we need then need to expend much money which is equivalent to a plane ticket.
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    The central govt. has failed on all economic grounds. The blunder of demonetisation and after that imposition of GST stalled the economic growth of the country. There are no options left for the govt.. The only option is to squeeze the public wherever it is possible. Following this principle they are allowing common people to take advantage of falling prices of crude petroleum in the international market. The govt. is imposing heavy excise duty to earn from this unavoidable need.

    Similarly, the govt. is taking advantage of sentiment of public living outside their native places to visit these places during festivals. The dynamic fare is one of the tool they are using for squeezing money from these people eager to go to their native. I heard that in some cases the ticket value of 3AC and 2AC tickets is more than plane ticket. The sleeper tickets are out of reach of poor people in the unorganised sector. The facility wise the railways remained the same.

    I would say this is a public loot by the govt. They forgot their promises.

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    From Hyderabad not only for Deepavali but also for other festivals, there will be a heavy rush. All buses and trains will be full at least 3 months before the date. The only way to get the confirmed rail ticket is to book the ticket very much in advance or try for tatkal in the last minute. In tatkal, there are different grades called premium tatkal. We can try that also. Otherwise RTC buses we can book. They are also very costly. We will also visit our native place for Sankranti festival in the month of January. We prefer going by our vehicle. My elder son drives the vehicle and the younger son supports him. So both of them will manage. We have an SVU vehicle so that all six of us can travel happily. It will be a drive of almost 8 hours from house to our native place. We enjoy that trip going by our own vehicle. On the way we can stop anywhere we want and then proceed. So we don't have the problem of this booking tickets. Other times when only one or two will go on travel we generally go by train or flight only, basing in the place and time of travel.
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    In India the Dassera and Deepavali festivals are celebrated in large scale and there is a tendency for every one to be with their family members and thus there is a rush or even heavy rush during festivities and the Railways fail to cope up every time and the people would take alternate routes to reach the destination. In Hyderabad the RTC is raking moolah by operating special buses with high rates to clear the heavy rush. Likewise the local trains should be operated and extended to main stations so that people would go to the destinations in time. When the Railways would wake up to the need of the passengers ?
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