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    What are the best way to utilize our time on the internet?

    What is the best way to utilize our time on the internet? Most people are wasting time on Facebook and another social networking site. Can you share some good places of the internet which make you life profitable?
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    What I strongly suggest the people that instead of wasting time on social media and other internet stuff, let them become member and join here to contribute wisely so that total productivity can be achieved when they are on line as each sentence typed in this site is either eligible for revenue share bonus or the Google adsense in the long run. So no one is wasting time when they are log in with the ISC. By sharing in facebook and other social media we are only giving chance for those companies to earn money and nothing for us. But when sharing for ISC, we are also earning some decent amount for us.
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    Most of us at some time or the other surf the internet without any aim. Just get into a lift, stand at a coffee shop you will see almost everyone thumbing their mobile phones to see what's up or messages. Sometimes it's useful, apart from this our time could have been better used.
    Some ways of using our time on internet productively is to
    1. check on motivation topics, positive living, teachings of Buddhism etc - this is to enrich us spiritually.
    2. Wikipedia and Google are best sites for facts and events - it can be anything from history to the unique events that are happening around you - this is to widen your knowledge
    3. choose a hobby or identify an underdeveloped talent and start learning more about it from the internet There are many examples wherein such hobbies or hidden talents become revenue generators.
    4.Like Mohan sir has said enlisting on websites like ISC, if you love nature and photography (indiannaturewatch), if you love drawing ( many free drawing courses are there online).

    So there are many ways for us to utilize our time on the internet to improve many things from our knowledge to our revenue.

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    I think the title of the thread requires a small correction. It can be either " What are the best ways....." or "What is the best way". The author can look into it. The Internet is very useful if we understand the importance correctly. When I was working for my Ph.D., for any small doubt or clarification, I had to go the library and spend 3 or 4 hours for getting my doubts clarifies. We used to spend days together in the library for literature survey. Now as we have the internet facility, by opening our Laptop and using various search engines we can get 90% of the required information. All this can be done in a very little time and be sitting relaxed at your house. Only for the remaining 10%, you may have to visit the library. Nowadays many e-libraries are coming which are very useful.
    But unfortunately, many people unnecessarily waste their time in other activities. There are some sites wherein you can post and get some earnings also. I find ISC very useful for learning and at the same time making a small earning also. You can make your own blogger and there are ways to make it attractive and earn some money. Like this internet is very useful for learners and students in both ways. But it is the individual who has to decide how he makes use of the available facility.

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    Internet is a great place to pass or use ones time effectively. It is only the taste and aptitude which decides where to surf.

    Some people are fascinated with whatsapp or facebook or similar places and enjoy it though it is not a creative way to pass time or develop ones imaginativeness.

    There are many sites like ISC where there are immense opportunities for not only passing time but to learn and increase ones knowledge. Those who are already knowledgeable can share their with others. So in my opinion passing time in such sites is preferable.

    Knowledge is power.

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