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    Do we need to be rewarded for good work?

    We all like awards and rewards, right from a nursery kid who gets a star sticker on his hand to the senior employee who gets a lifetime contribution award and rewards. Does anyone wonder why do we need these rewards for just doing our work or for just being a good person or for just contributing to society? In corporate culture one sees a lot of these - star of the day, an employee of the week, best smile, best-groomed employee etc.

    In the animal kingdom, reward-based training is very effectively used by dog handlers, handlers of parrots and seals at the animal show always give a small nibble of food when it performs a task well.

    Is it just our animal instinct that's is being seen or are we played by people giving rewards so that we perform better and continue to perform better?
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    Well all who does the work wont be doing so with such fineness and rightly and therefore those who are performers, they stand out against others and there is a need to recognize their hard work and talent. Remember when you reward a working performer, he or she gets doubly motivated and he would give more time for the work and task and would continue with further inclusion of his own thinking power. And by the way if the performer is awarded, there wont be any dissent voice from the non performers and those who are about to reach the target will get a cue for recognition through such awards.

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    For anybody to perform better and to show 100% dedication to work, some motivation is always required. When there are different people working in the corporate and we will decide a benchmark for their continuation in the job. If somebody is exceeding the benchmark if we motivate him or encourage him, he will further work hard for further recognition. His level of work will become a benchmark for others to get the appreciation. So everybody tries to exceed that mark. This will boost the output for the company and people will also be very happy for the rewards and awards they are getting. Motivations need not be always in the form of money, it can be a pat on the back in presence of all other employees of the corporate. These are the technics to extract more work. I feel the system of rewards, appreciation and incentives is for the best performance of the employees which will directly help the growth of the Organisation.
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    Awards are basically recognition for a good work and at the same time they work as a motivation for all. The system of award is very necessary to recognize the outstanding people.

    If we observe the working lot in a bigger sample we will find that some are very good while some are mediocre and some are very poor contributors. So their career is also accordingly defined and while a particular person may reach the top of company another remains where he joined.

    So promotions and increase in salary are also a type of award.

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    Do we need to be rewarded for good work?- If you would ask me this question my natural instant reply would be I would love to get rewarded but let's face the reality. If we keep expecting rewards for the good works that we do, slowly we might stop doing it as we might not be appreciated as expected and that might lower our self-esteem.

    Sometimes it's not the big awards which can keep the person going, just a word of encouragement is enough to push that person.

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    excellent replies, the first three senior members have brought out an important point, rewards act as a motivator, very useful in getting employees to be more productive.

    Neethu has a point to accept, people may start raising their levels of expectations. Agreed, A few kind words may just do the work in some instances

    will wait and see what other views come by

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    It is pretty natural that we do expect rewards when we do something better and sometimes when we outperform. It is human tendency to do so. As everybody has pointed out that it gives a sense of motivation and encouragement to do much better. But, being dependent on getting rewarded for every good performance, does not make sense. One should be working on improving oneself, rather than waiting to be prized for all the good being done.
    Focus should be on the efforts, and not on the rewards. If you are working well and to your best and continuously improving to do better, you will automatically be rewarded. So, rewards should not be a necessity for best work, rather it should serve as a sign of motivation and to put in efforts to do more.

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    Don't you feel happy when you get a pat on the back from your boss or similarly how about a word of appreciation? It does make a difference; it does make you feel special and that feeling can work wonders. Salary and other perks is a compensation for the job you do as anyone else in an organisation but a reward is a recognition for your extra efforts or initiatives. So, in my opinion, there is a need to reward employees who perform better than others. We are living in a world where the competition is real tough in the employment sector too; you need to be ready to put in that extra effort and, needless to say, that effort must bring in positive results. A reward or award is a recognition to let you know that your efforts are being noticed and that the boss is happy with the way you are progressing. A happy and satisfied employee remains motivated and would strive to perform better or at least would ensure that he doesn't fall in standards. So, I think rewards and awards should be there.

    It is okay if one say that it is animal instinct because humans are also basically animals with a difference.

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    It is good , if one need not criticise or comment or fault finding rather than appreciation or award or reward for a work. My senior in my office (during 23 years of service)never comment or criticise my work and gave freedom to execute and only because of that it was easy to me to perform well.

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    #610096: Very relevant message- Even if we cannot appreciate a colleague, at least let us not demoralize him with a negative comment. The last thing we want is to hurt someone and or have a depressed employee whose performance is important.

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