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    Preserving the dignity of a child and a woman

    Not a day goes by without hearing or reading the unthinkable cowardly acts (carried out by pathetic excuses for human beings) in which children and women are the victims. Once we read this a flash of anger or a sense of sadness prevails most of us and many of us feel we should do something.

    There would be many reasons behind these dastardly acts but what can the society do? We all know that law takes its own course in a tolerant country like India. Many of us feel we are facing an "epidemic of these crimes". What would be the immediate measures that we can ask for or enforce ourselves in our schools, cities, and neighborhoods to safeguard our children and women?

    Should there be stringent expedite law measures, should there be a punishment so severe that the predators would have to think many times before they commit such crimes. Should there be capital punishment for a couple of years and then decide.
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    Only yesterday I came to know that a film-producer, who had been accused of rape, was acquitted. Many people close to the producer expressed pleasure after his acquittal. The man, who has been saved due to various legal technicalities, is a free bird now and the society does not say anything.

    I would like to say that such people committing dastardly crime against women and children can be ''properly treated'' by society itself, irrespective of the judgement of the Court. There are various ways for proper treatment of those rape and molestation accused.

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    What I feel that the law is so weak that the culprits and wrong doers have enough room to escape having political clout and high connections and thus the child who was abused was left in lurch. Only yesterday people came to know through social media that three boys chased a girl for 10 kms and harassed her continuously and on going that video viral the police has now stooped in to action. Though Nirbhaya acts are enacted for the safety of girl child and when it comes actual punishment, the case goes through the high recommendations and thus the culprits go scott free with minimal punishment.
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    Day in and day out these things are happening in the country. Probably earlier days also this kind of things may be happening. But because of the poor communication mechanisms, they may not be getting advertised more. But these days the electronic media and print media are very active and the communication is so much developed that any small thing happening in any corner of the country it is on the small screen the next hour .
    Human beings are not behaving like humans. Their animal instinct is very visible in these incidents. As mentioned by the author we are very tolerant and the law will take its own time for punishing the culprit and at that too whether he gets the punishment or not is also not very sure.
    I always think the child and the lady should go on the offensive rather than the defensive approach. They should train themselves in some kind of martial techniques and attack the people if they have any suspicion. Carrying chilly spray or acid spray with them always is another way I feel. If someone is trying to intrude us we should attack them. As per law also there is no problem in this approach. Another way is to punish them openly in the public. The punishment should be severe also. I understand in some countries such people will be hanged in public. This can be introduced in our country also. Then only I think these human animals can be controlled I think.

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    I agree that there is a rise in atrocities against women and children and I do agree that we need to find some way to put a stop to such kind of acts. But I seriously feel that we must start asking why such incidents are happening before asking what can be done to prevent such incidents. We can find a solution to a problem in a conclusive manner only if we are able to find the root cause of such problems. Let us not find escape routes like teaching boys to respect women etc; though it may be taken as one of the ways to make a beginning to a larger effort.

    While speaking about atrocities against women, we also need to be aware that even men and boys are subjected to such excesses and hopefully, in due course of time, such news also will start finding a place in news headlines. So, we need to analyze the whole issue psychologically. Giving some leverage to the fact that such incidents are coming to light due to media intervention and the general awareness that has been created among the public, I think we also need to admit that such kind of incidents are nothing new to the human race.

    In my opinion, only a few percent of such crimes are committed as a result of criminal mentality of the people; the majority is by people suffering from psychological imbalances due to various reasons. And that is the point which we must consider with priority. I have always maintained that the victim in almost all such cases are the weak and the vulnerable. The victim need not necessarily be the target but is most of the time, a personification of the target the perpetrator has in mind; it may be another woman or his feelings of lust, anger, hatred etc against women in general or may even be due to his urge to get across an inferiority complex he carries. We need to address this psychological issue and study the matter in a social perspective than trying to brand all such attackers as criminals.

    I don't support the public taking law into their hands because such acts will only help in fertilizing the existing vengeance in such a person. But yes, we need to become more strong morally and socially responsible to such an extent that we must be ready to intervene if and when we happen to notice such a possibility and also must be ready to depose before the authorities what we have seen or heard.

    What is the point in discussing such issues vehemently when we try to turn our heads and remain silent on such incidents; what is the point in discussing when the preference today is to take photos or videos of such incidents on one's mobile and post it on your pages with an angry emoji? Let us awake to facts and start reacting within permissible limits. We may be able to bring in some change; at least as a beginning.

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    In India such crimes are on increase because there is a nexus of influential people with the police and other law enforcing agencies. The delay in the delivery of justice is also one of the factors. There are so many laws and so many fast track courts with an intention to deliver justice faster and within time. But, criminals are not afraid of all this. The corruption in police department and the corrupt practices of law professionals in prolonging the matters for their benefit are also becoming important hindrances

    To my mind, the awareness in women and children( trough their parents) will play an important role in restricting such crimes. Ultimately, women have to raise their voice against such things with strong conviction. Women have to pass the good habits and tenets of religion to their wards. The reason is very clear. The criminal is also some woman's brother or husband or son. We have to make women aware of the evils and instill confidence in them that they can fight against the evil. Only bombastic slogans and hollow advertisements for their empowerment would not work.


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    This is the most needed topic to discuss. It is very much necessary to safeguard the women and children of our society, the way coward acts by insane people are exploiting them. As Mr. Sunilkanth pointed out that women and children are themselves need to be aware of such incidents. Also, proper sessions should be conducted, to teach them how to tackle and fight if such a situation arises. Government should create appropriate laws to make self defence classes necessary for all the women. It should be created as a separate subject and should be made compulsory.
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    good thoughtful replies so far, I think the need of the hour is to have a jolt. " Do not touch if you value your life". This is the message that should go to rapists and abusers of women and children. Once this is made crystal clear that the perpetrator has a more than a good chance of facing death legally, then such things would start become lesser and lesser.

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    These type of crimes depict the animal instinct of some people and in a civilised society it is not acceptable.

    Now let us consider whether our society is civilised and cultured enough to arrest these things. The answer is no. Because of the fact that even the basic thing like education is not spread among all. The literacy is a factor which lessens these evils considerably.

    The culture in schools and the upbringing of children is the most crucial part which is the root place for making the future generation civilised.

    The adequate punishment is another thing to curtail such evils but that is not the ultimate solution.

    Even in most civilised and developed countries such things happen though the percentage may be very small.

    The solution lies in development of the society as a whole rather then development of an elite group only.

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