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    What to pack for kids school lunch?

    Maybe too simple for the forum but when wife is out of station or down with fever, my biggest nightmare is what to pack for the children's lunch box?

    I have to keep in mind that kids have to like it, it has to pass the quality control check of their lunch friends, it has to pass the scrutiny of the lunch wardens patrolling the area to snatch junk food.

    I also need to pack a small snack box for the pre-lunch session.

    I often select sticks of carrot, cucumber, some dates and the odd biscuit. I sometimes try to slip in a Jam biscuit or a small cup cake.

    May be mother in the forum would have better ideas.
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    Brought a smile to my face! I can understand your dilemma.

    I will definitely try and post an article or two consisting of easy-to-do nutritious recipes that require minimum or no cooking. Meanwhile, have a look at this article on sandwiches. They are the easiest to put together, require zero cooking and can be made as healthy as you want, depending on the fillings. They will most certainly pass the scrutiny of the lunch wardens and your kid's lunch buddies will love them.

    One small suggestion – include a healthy dip along with the crudités. A healthy dip like hummus or a yoghurt-based dip can up the nutrition quotient of the meal.

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    Good. This is a general problem to many fathers. I used to face this problem when my two sons were attending their school. Whenever my wife was planning a trip to her native place or any other place leaving me and kids in the house, my duty was to arrange tiffin boxes to both of them. My wife used to prepare 5 or 6 curries and keep them in the fridge. She used to make some snacks and put them in tins. I used to cook rice and dal in the cooker and heat up a curry from the fridge in the oven. The rice mixed with the dal and the rice mixed with curry, these two items for their lunch boxes. Another small box with snacks for their pre-lunch and munching during lunch. I used to get minimum 45 minutes and complete my routines and arrange these boxes by the time they get ready. Once they are out of school and joined the college, we three started eating outside if my wife is out of the station. Now both of them get married. So there are three ladies in the house. If one goes out of station also, the other two are available. So there is no need for my interference in the kitchen.

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    Mostly nowadays school itself fix the good food menu for kids so no need to worry but if it's not fixed by the school then you can select beans to type vegetable and chapatis and sometimes you can give potato paratha which kids enjoy on eating and get change.
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    Giving the best recipe to a child is the important task for every mother and lots of planning goes into it. Some children want to eat at home and does not want a grand lunch box for the school. For example children may like to have Alu Parota or even Puri before leaving to the school and in the lunch box they would be happy to have bread and jam. But what I feel that there is nothing better than a Idli recipe or even some chapathis which are easily digestible and also children love to eat. Never try new recipes and rice varieties as it may go stale by afternoon when the child tries to eat.
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