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    Blessings from Maa Durga.

    It is time for asking blessings from Maa Durga. I am going to ask following blessings:-
    Maa, you give me power, So that I serve the community.
    Maa, you give me good thought, So that I don't be an agent of evils.
    Maa, you give me happiness, So that I spread happiness in the world.
    Maa, you give me good health, So that I will be a useful member of the family and society.
    Although, Maa knows, What are our needs? But it is a good time for us to share the Blessings ,we want from Maa, Durga.
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    We have started celebrating Navaratri. Today is the 7th day. Every day we are offering our prayers to the Goddess. Evenings also pooja is being performed. We wanted peace and harmony among all the citizens of India. We should grow along with the country. We pray her to give us all pious thoughts and helping nature.Tomorrow is the pooja for Saraswathi Devi, The Goddess of knowledge. From my childhood, it is the practice to perform Pooja to Saraswathi Devi during the last three days of this Navaratri. My sincere best wishes to all the members, Editors, webmaster and all other stakeholders in this site a happy and prosperous Vijayadasami.
    "Sami Samyate Papam, sami satru vinasini, Arjunsya Dhandudhari, Ramasya Priyadarshanha."
    Again a happy Dasara to all in advance

    always confident

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