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    All the Miracles are meant for the Passionate People

    I heard from someone Sanskrit chants has some positive vibrations, If we chant any particular 'mantra' for a prolonged time we will be able to obtain answers for any specific prayers or wishes. I am not sure whether it is true statement or bogus with respect to chants and mantras , but I strongly believe words from any language can create impact in a positive, neutral and negative ways. 'Miracle' is a positive word with great agitation. Anybody can experience Miracle in their life if one starts enjoying little things and by believing in themselves.

    One should have a goal and consistently work towards it without day dreaming that miracle will happen. Aforesaid might appear like words from a workaholic, But work I mentioned is not only denoting to our day job it also covers up everything we do with hope including caring, loving, spending time with special person in order to sustain a relationship. Wise people always do big things in a fascinating way. For an instance, to complete anything perfectly we need to devise a plan and split the work into small pieces that will help to achieve ones targets, alongside managing time is also important.

    In a nutshell, Miracles will happen each day in your life if you passionately follow your dreams. Miracles happen only for someone who highly deserve it and not for someone who passes their priceless time waiting for the Good Fortune.
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    Miracles can happen to those who believe themselves, the fellow persons and the God. Miracles are the thinking line of our past and when it happens we feel blessed and obliged. Normally those who are God fearing and has the ability to understand others and reach others would certainly come across miracle moments in life. Why because God will send that person as the messenger or the helper to those who are suffering and has the need of attention. That is why we some times feel that we we are in dire need of help, some one would come to our rescue and that moment cannot be forgotten.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true that certain words in any language if we chat in a particular fashion they create a positive vibration around us and that will help us in performing the works in a better way and getting positive results for our attempts. That is why in many Puranas we hear that when some yagnas were performed with chanting you will have children, you will get success in all your works. In Telugu, there is a common saying, the meaning of which is trees will not give you fruits if you chant mantras. It is not correct 100%. Every person will have some hidden energies which will come out and work for you when you have positive thoughts. These thoughts will come to you when these mantras chanted by you. Then you will get the energy required to get the things required. They appear as miracles to outsiders.
    always confident

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    Miracles, in other words, are good things that happen in at a level that transcends common life. If you read any motivation books or listen to any motivational speakers, the basic message is 'you yourself are a miracle'.

    Humans always underestimate their potential, their capabilities and unharnessed positive strengths that can transform lives. The best self-help tips include self-belief, improve self-esteem, frequent self-rewards for good deeds, meditation and listening to chants or mantras so that you can connect with your inner self spiritually and then slowly life changes miraculously.

    I think there is some truth in this because if you reflect on your good deeds and wrong deeds, you would often be reprimanded for your wrong dongs rather than often being appreciated for good work. Similarly, some negative thoughts and negativism prevail in our day to day life which should change to the positive side and the transformation we would see would be comparable to a little miracle.

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    I agree, miracle can happen both in a positive or a negative way. It depends upon the situations as well. When we have been doing something good and hoping for achieving great results and if that happens but after a very long time, we call it as miracle. Because what we were expecting came suddenly to us, when expectations became less.
    While if we talk of a negative situation, we have been doing our best, but still the result we get is just unexpected for what we did not expect, this can be termed as a negative type of miracle that happened.
    But in both the cases, the results are dependent on us. I feel miracles depend upon expectations to a lot extent. It is true that we need to be passionate to have real miracles happen to us and need to work for, what we want to achieve and that too with full dedication. But, at the end when we start working, we start setting up the expectations for ourself, in a positive manner towards growth, and what the results will give probably turn out to be a miracle.

    Do what inspires you !!

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