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    How to use time usefully when stuck in traffic?

    Many of the students, middle-class employees travel by public transport buses or trains or company vans; some officials travel in chauffeured cars. Both in major metros, most of us are stuck on the road going to work/college and coming back home.

    I often see some dozing off, some having a fixed distant stare, some watching youtube videos. I've seen school/college kids using this time usefully by doing their assignments. The best I've seen is a mother shelling fresh peas in the bus!

    If you are caught regularly in the traffic for an hour or two, how do you or how would you use the time creatively?
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    These days I started carrying my laptop with data card in my car. So generally while travelling I will be working on my laptop. The driving part is taken care by my driver. So I need not worry about that. I go on working. ISC also I open and post my postings during travelling most of the times. Anyhow the FM radio will be playing most of the time songs. So I will be hearing the songs. Already phone is there with us to disturb others or to get disturbed. Earlier days I used to carry my office files with me and used to read and clear during the travel. Nowadays I stopped that and spending more time on ISC site. My travelling time every day will be around 2 hours. So I try to utilise my time as above. When I go out with family no need of any time pass. We all will be talking and enjoying the time.
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    A very interesting thread and I will share my experience regarding this.

    I have to travel every day to and fro for almost 50-55 Km depending on the traffic and diversion of routes by the company transport.

    1. I utilize most of my time in ISC by reading, earlier I used to post as well but due to constraints of the edit button in mobile, I have stopped posting it through mobile. But I watch out for threads that I can respond to and when I get the opportunity I reply to them though I miss many of the posts in the forum.
    2. I always have a book in my bag which I carry along due to the long distance, I get so engrossed in reading that I hardly realize when time flies by.
    3. At times if I can't get my hands on books, watching out and observing things around you is also one of the best things to do. People think that it is a waste of time, but it's not, when you look around you can stories of people unfolding in front of your eyes. For instance, the women in the traffic with a child, you can see the expression on her face while knocking every window shield and the joy when someone sympathizes with her or the dog who tries safely get his blind master across the road, sometimes you can even see the joy of the child who is returning from the school with their parents and many more such things. When we observe our surroundings we will be able to read many stories. We just need to watch out.
    4. I do spend some time in prayer as well.
    5. You can even utilize your time for a hobby.

    As of now, this is all I can think of.

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    If I am stuck in a traffic jam, I would do this.
    1. While riding a two-wheeler - I sing song quietly.
    2. While with my Padmini - I listen to songs.
    3. While in a Bus - I read some books.
    4. While in a train - I sleep or will be with ISC with my mobile.
    5. No chance to get stuck in an air journey

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    Well when you have the head set attached to the cell phone, the best way to kill the traffic jam snarl is to listen to the FM radio or the songs pre loaded in your mobile. Chatting is not recommended as the traffic may be moving slow and your attention would be needed. And when you are in four wheeler, surfing is the best way to kill the time. Having a lap top handy and doing some surfing would be good. And for the students who are stuck up in the public transport, they can better review the day's portion once again and get acquainted with what has been learned today. This way we can kill the time during traffic jam.
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