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    Some facts on oncoming saraswathi pooja

    On twenty eighth of this month we all are going to celebrate the Navaratri final day as pooja for Saraswathi, Goddess for Knowledge and wisdom. some facts we can see below about the Goddess.

    1. In the temple of Lord Shiva of Kadalangudi village of Nagapattinam, Tamilnadu we can see the Goddess saraswathi with bangles and anklets.

    2. In Srineri of Karnataka, we can see the Goddess saraswathi in a studying student form.

    3. In Vedaranyam and Thirukodikka of Tamilnadu we can see the Goddess saraswathi without holding veena in hand as normally we can see the Goddess saraswathi with veena only.

    4.In Belur of Karnataka we can see the Goddess saraswathi in the form of dancing posture.

    5. In Japan Goddess saraswathi is being worshiped in the name of Ben Ten who is sitting in a dragon and holding sitar in hand.

    6. In Indonesia and Pali Islands, there is a system of doing pooja for Books with decoration and the pooja is called as Kalanjan

    7. People of Pali Islands strongly believes that one can attain a good wisdom level if he or she worship books on the day of Vijayadasami after having a holy bath in the Tambathsarim tank.

    Let all our ISC members be showered with Holy Grace of Goddess saraswathi on the day of Saraswathi pooja and Vijayadasami day.
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    Yes for the students Saraswathi Pooja is important and they have to keep their books and pray for the good knowledge be bestowed by the goddess of wisdom. In Telangana there is a temple called Basara Saraswathi on the banks of River Godavari near Maharastra Border and heavy rush was expected during Saraswathi Pooja. People would start new education to the toddlers and those who are rich and able they would distribute free books and pens to all those visiting the temple during the day. In Hyderabad too there is a Saraswathi temple near the new Gandhi Hospital which is agog with activities.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In addition to my above posting, I wish to add Today is the auspicious ninth day, the concluding day of SARAD NAVARATRI, the most celebrated of the four Navaratris in a year. (Sarad, Magha, Chaitra and Ashadha). Today is traditionally calebrated as Saraswathi Puja Day. Let us offer our prayers at the Lotus Feet of Devi Parasakti. This is the last of the three chosen very auspicious days - Navami among Saptami, Ashtami and Navami.

    The Bijakshara of Saraswathi Devi is ??, the Vakbija. It is hailed as Chaturveda Sanketa Saram. The first Rig Veda mantra starts with ?????????, the first letter being ?. The first Yajur Veda mantra starts with ???????, the first letter being ?. The first Sama Veda mantra starts with ????, the first letter being ?. Combining these three first letters ?, ? and ? as per rules of Samskrit grammar, we get ?. To this if we add Ardhamatra from Atharva Veda, we get ??. Thus ?? represents the four Vedas in essence. There are many accounts in Sri Devi Bhagavatham of devotees chanting this powerful Bijakshara and being blessed with great intellect and power of poetry and other attainments.
    The following prayer to Sri Saraswathi Devi is from the Dhyanaslokas of Srimad Ramayanam.

    ?????????????? ???????? ????????????? ????????? ?????
    ?????????? ????? ?????? ? ???? ??????? ?????? ?
    ???? ??????????-???- ????????????? ?????????????
    ?? ?? ???????????? ?????? ???? ?????? ?????????? ?

    May Saraswati, with four arms, holding in the four hands, crystal rosary, white lotus, parrot, book; resplendent like Kunda flower, moon, conch and crystal; the incomparable Devi; that Vagdevata (Devata of Learning) live in my mouth always, very pleased.

    Another prayer:
    ?????????? ???????? ???? ?? ??????? ?
    ?? ?? ?? ????? ????? ????????????? ????? ? ?

    May that Saraswati Devi, who revels in the fourteen vidyas, adorn my tongue out of grace.
    The fourteen vidyas are: 4 Vedas; 6 Angas (Siksha, Vyakaranam, Niruktam, Chandas, Jyotisham, Kalpa sutram); 4 Upaangas (18 Puranas, Nyaya, Mimamsa and Dharma sastras).

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    A 16ft Saraswathi statue installed in the entrance
    of Indonesian Embassy at USA.

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    India has exchanged its rich culture and pantheon with Indonesian archipelago since centuries. It's no wonder that Saraswati is worshipped there.
    But Ben Ten from Japan made me cringe. Because Ben10 was my favorite childhood show. It's nostalgic.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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