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    The age is not a factor for education

    In Tamil there is a saying 'Kalvikku karaiyila', 'karkai nandre karkai nandre pichai pukinum karkai nandre' which means 'there is no limit for education' and 'It is better to have education even by begging'.
    The same is now proved by one Mr.Rajkumar Vaishya, based Bihar and aged just 98 years got his Post Graduation Degree, recently. He got his graduation in 1938, finished his law degree in 1940. He joined in Nalanda Open University in 2015 for Economics Post Graduation. Now he is going to appear for his second year M.A.Degree.

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    I have also read this news in the morning. I am really really happy because this proves that there is nothing impossible for a determined man. I sincerely wish all the best to Mr. Raj Kumar Vaishya in his future academic pursuit.
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    Hat's off to this gentleman, Mr.Rajkumar Vaishya, at an age where many would be frail, battling issues of old age, he has got his postgraduation degree. Certainly, age is no bar to learning and he would be a source of inspiration to many others.

    With age, comes maturity and experience, both of which cannot be bought off the counter. When we think of this and the educated retired officials at various levels in India, we certainly would have a pool of experience and knowledge that can be used constructively by involving these senior citizens in their own appropriate fields of public service.

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    My appreciation to Rajkumar Vaishya for having that great determination to get qualified even at the ripe age and surely one needs the guts and perseverance to study at that age as normally we would be down with so many ailments and our body and mind wont sync with what we want to do . At the age of 98 years getting qualified with a post graduation degree is something every one has to learn from him that if one has the determination and courage to study, age is no factor and the task can be achieved. Many have died without completing their ambition of education and for Vaishya, it has been done factor.
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    There is no age limit for learning. I always believe that learning is a continuous process. You start learning the moment you started your journey in your mother's body and it will stop only when you had your last breath. Getting a postgraduate degree at the age of 98 Years is not an ordinary issue and who should salute Mr Rajkumar Vaishya for his tremendous effort in getting M.A. degree at this age. It is really a very big achievement. My father is now 84 years. But even at this age every day he will read some Telugu literature book and make a note of the points he liked. Now also he is writing poetry and publishing it. People of this attitude may be rare. Everybody should have that zeal to learn and share their knowledge as long as possible and their health permits. Again it is proved that if we have interest and ambition we can do anything irrespective of our age.
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    It is true that there is no age limit for learning. There many people who take new degrees at an age of 60 or above. One of my friends took his Ph.D degree at the age 70 plus. It is a common practice among several govt. Employees to take a degree in Law and start practicing as an advocate. If ones mind is young can continue learning till ones death.
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    It is true that one can get education at any age. There is a saying that if there is a will there is a way.

    Education is adding knowledge to your existing kitty. It is simply to know more than what you already know. The purpose of education is not only to get a job but for a few it is a passion. There are ways of gaining informal education also. Like we are exchanging so many things in ISC with each other that itself is helping us to increase our knowledge. Indirectly it is also an education though in a informal way.

    Knowledge is power.

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