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    Miracles are the outcome of our expectations

    What do we call miracles? When something great or unthinkable happens all of a sudden, it could affect us positively or it could also have a strange impact on us, or sometimes even negatively.
    As per my observation, miracles are the outcome or results of our own expectations. When we expect something good to happen, but it does not happen at the required time. But if the outcome of that great thing, suddenly happens when we least expected it, then it becomes a great miracle for all of us. There are some more types of miracle. Sometimes, we are on the perfect path of our job , good income, good growth. But suddenly one day, our boss tells us "Dude, this project will be finished by the next month. I am sorry, but I think you need to find a new job now. Because we hardly have similar opportunities in this organization to match up to your skill sets." Now, again one more miracle. But this turns out to be a negative miracle for us. Why, because it was totally out of our expectation, as it took our job. Of course, we can find another one. But, the miracle happened right as an outcome of one more expectation.
    Miracles teach us too in a great way, how to fight the situation if it gets tough and harder. And also how to admire the situation, if it brought you happy results.
    So, our life is mysterious every single moment of it, enjoy the upcoming miracles.
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    Not all the outcome would turn out to be a miracle. Yes when we expect some results more than what envisaged, we see a miracle happening at that moment. Nevertheless miracles are bound to happen even without expectations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    In my opinion, a miracle is something which happened without our efforts or without any expectations. I want to tell an example.
    One day I was alone in my house. My wife and children went to our native place for vacation. Somebody from the neighbouring house gave a sweet packet containing 6 sweets, saying that it is the Prasad of Sai Baba. I started thinking. 6 sweets I can't eat alone on a single day. I can't store them also for a long time. I should not through is as it food moreover it is Prasadam.
    After 10 minutes a car stopped at my house. My brother in law( my aunt's daughter's husband) with 4 of his friends got down from the car and came to our house. They are 5 + myself total 6 persons and I had six sweets. We ate. They left after 5 minutes. They came to that place for some works and they thought that they will just drop in. This is a miracle.
    Do you agree. If you work for something and that happens. That is not a miracle. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    always confident

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    I agree with you Rao Sir... but is it necesssary, that miracles will always be effortless? And they just cannot be related to our expectations. Can they not play roles where effort also paved its way, Or am I confusing success with miracles. Can someone clarify.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Let me put my understanding or perception of miracle in this way, Everyone has their own understanding of "Miracle"

    1. A man lame since birth, he suddenly starts walking
    2. Blind man receiving his sight without the intervention of any medicines or doctors.
    3. Severe drought and suddenly it rains when there was the least possibility of even a drop of rain.
    4. A doctor who diagnosed a person with cancer but during the second scan, not a trace of cancer in his whole body.

    and much more such examples. Miracles are something which is beyond what human mind can perceive and understand, which breaks all the rules/laws of nature. If there is any intervention of human and there is an outcome, it might not be a miracle (as per my understanding). Dr. Rao's experience can be termed as co-incidence,

    I would rather say that Miracle is something that is beyond and much than our expectation and sometimes which we can't even comprehend or expect in our human minds.

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    Nice thoughts here so far. Miracles, as I know, are something that something we cannot understand or perform. It's something that happens when a dramatic, unbelievable event happens with the guidance of the higher power.

    Being in the healthcare industry, we see many unfortunate scenarios wherein everyone literally has given up on a sick patient and while everyone waits for the terminal event, the patient survives and go home. None of the doctors are able to give a valid reason for their survival.

    Miracles are something that's beyond hope, belief, and faith.

    We live in a world, wherein at times of difficulty, we need hope and a sense of purpose in life. At these times we indulge in basically finding our inner self and connect spiritually. We explore faith, we listen and read books of wisdom and divine presence. Under such circumstances, we experience certain events or see things that are churning minds try to analyse logically and come out with something above common explanations.

    For instance, bharminy kites ( commonly referred to as Garuda) is seen in many urban areas, it looks for food where humans are present. For a Hindu who's contented without any worries who sees this Garuda at a temple taking bits of food (people leave bits of prasadam around) and sitting on the holy flagstaff, he wouldn't think much.

    But the same Garuda, for a desperate man who's praying or meditating at the very same temple seeking ways to help him through troubles (jobless, sudden loss of money), has a totally different meaning. His mind that's in turmoil reads this sighting of the bird ( holy charriot of Vishnu) as a divine sign, as a positive sign from heaven. He interprets it as a small miracle.

    For one man, it's a mere bird, for the other it means everything, it gives him hope and when he gets over his crisis, I'm sure he will narrate the sighting of Garuda sitting on the holy flagpole as nothing but a miracle that transformed his life.

    So, friends, these are unexplainable events that happen in one's life, some term it coincidence, some term it miracle. For me, what's more important is the fact that for a few minutes, we rational people connect with the divine presence or divine happenings.

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    Recently I read in a newspaper that a dumb person by Birth has gone for Lord Balaji's Darshan. He was going the queue. The moment he entered the temple area, he started chanting " Govinda", "Govinda". His parents who were with him at that moment felt very happy. This is a miracle. Nobody expected that he will talk in his lifetime. But he started talking.
    The experience of mine which I have referred as a miracle is not a coincidence. It is a miracle only. Why? I will explain you. I was staying in that town very near to Hyderabad from 3 years before the incident happened. No single guest has come to me till that time. I have 3 or 4 friends in that town and there was no plan of meeting on that. Even my brother in law never came before. So there is no even wild imagination that somebody may come. All of a sudden they came. So as far as I am concerned it is a miracle only.
    The miracle is nothing but an unexpected thing happening. I also say that this is divine happening.

    always confident

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    Very well explained answers to me from Neethu , Natarajan and Rao Sir.. As Neethu has correctly pointed out that miracles are sudden happenings that is out of our approach and thoughts. Also, Natarajan, gave a complete view of it based on our faith and hope, that is true and he also explained how divinity exist in miracles taking the example of Garuda bird. Got to know of how people perceive this bird as a Holy bird.
    Rao Sir, is also right in his words, those incidents can be termed as miracle. It completely depends upon how we understand miracles in our own thoughts.
    Thanks to everyone for the descriptive responses, I got to learn about what miracles are. Whatever I wrote as per my understanding, I found it was something which we just cannot call miracle. Miracle is something totally different of it.

    Do what inspires you !!

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