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    Can you share a sentence or phrase that impressed you the most in your life?

    Can you share a sentence or phrase that impressed you the most in your life so that we can also be impressed if it touch our hearts?
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    The sentence which impressed me very much is, " Even Illness will become wellness if " I " is replaced with " WE".
    I always admire this concept. Teamwork is what I always trust than one man doing. For any success to you, the credit should go to all stack holders. I am successful is not correct. We are successful should be the concept. Then only things will happen as desired.

    always confident

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    "Thirudathe - Poi Sollathe - Pitchai Edukkathe". (Don't steal - Don't lie - Don't beg). This is the golden phrase that appeared in a film song that impressed me, and I follow it sincerely since my childhood.
    No life without Sun

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    "Make someone happy everyday" - this is the quote I always follow and I try to make people happy as much as I can. Because when you make someone happy, it gives an inner feeling of happiness. If you can make someone smile, it can work as the best medicine.
    Do what inspires you !!

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    Indhuvum Kadandhy pogum in Tamil means even this challenging phase would vanish has really impressed me since young age. Every one gets some tricky situation in the life and they get perturbed and also get dejected. But when we remember the above phrase, surely no one would become down and certainly pep up his activity and achieve the task before him. One more thing when you are confident and bubbling even during trying times of life, that would be a eye opener to others who try to emulate you for your confidence and courage any hard situation in life. And thus you become instant Icon.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    For me, one the most meaningful phrase that has helped me in good and bad times is the Yiddish proverb. ""Man plans but God Laughs."

    It's very short but full of meaning for everyday life and it helps me to put things in perspective when 'things don't happen despite our (family, well-wishers and me) best efforts and 'when 'things do happen' despite the best efforts of people (colleagues, supervisor,s, people in social circles) around you (me) for it not to happen.

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    One saying which impressed me very much and which I try to follow as far as possible is " Pray to God,Oh sailor, but row towards the shore".

    I am not sure of its origin, but I read it first from a letter written to me by one of my elder relatives when I was studying in 10 th standard.

    In this forum itself, I have quoted it many times in relevant contexts.

    It exhorts us not to lose hope even amidst serious crisis, but work focused towards solution . It also says that along with that you should pray to God also. That means we should not have unrealistic ego on our ability, nor should we depend solely on luck and God. We should always have a combination of both. Then success is sure.respite.

    It reminds us that in our lives,there are many things under our control and many things beyond our control. So we should do the maximum we can on what we can control and pray to God for those beyond our control.

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