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    Today is Gunners Day

    Gunners' creed:

    "We will cut our enemies down in droves. Our fires will be the substance of their nightmares. We will protect our brothers. The fields of the dead shall serve us evidence of our passing."

    Those who are interested in history know very well that in the first battle of Panipath, Babur defeated Ibrahim Lodi in 1526. Babar could defeat a much numerically stronger force by using canons. That was the first time canons were used in Indian battle-fields.

    Those who followed Kargil war in 1999, know very well how Artillery played a crucial role in defeating the Paki Northern Light Infantry Regiments who intruded and occupied/built bunkers at Dras, Batalik, Mushkoh and Kargil. It is now clear that without artillery support, the infantry could not clear the heights of Kargil.

    Today the Regiment of Artillery is celebrating Gunners Day in India. May God provide you enough fire-power to destroy the enemy and support the Infantry and Armoured Regiments of India.

    May God give you enough power to follow the motto: "Sarvatra Izzat-o-Iqbal".
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    It is true. Kargil war won by India. In this victory, Artillery played a very important role. We should congratulate the defence sector for that big victory.
    Today is Gunners day and Regiment of Artillery is celebrating the same in India. We pray the God to provide the enough energy to defeat the enemies and protect the motherland. We pray that they should get everywhere the Honour and Glory and our independence will be protected always.

    always confident

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    Armed forces cannot fight a war without the guns, tanks and missiles. In the defence forces, each and every soldier, sailor and airmen are trained to fire a gun/tank/missile. There are specially trained gunners to fire a tank or missile. My best wishes for the Gunners day celebration. May there be no misfire of guns.
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    Thanks for sharing this information Partha Kansabanik, these are the true unsung heroes, who give up everything, make the ultimate sacrifice for us and for the country. Wishing them and their families are the very best. Those who have laid their lives in battles, please accept our salutes with the utmost respect.

    "Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it,
    if flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it"

    Because of their valiant men and women who stay awake at the borders, common folks like us sleep peacefully in our homes.

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    The importance of cannons and its uses in crucial period of war and how the gunners day is being celebrated was well informed by the author which was a new additional knowledge to me. In war even a small weapon is useful to destroy the evil designs of the opponents and canon have been playing its designated role to win over the situations. In AOC gate entrance at Secunderabad, we could see big canons being kept as the display for the people to see and cherish the role of cannons in every war. Nizams were also using the canons effectively to combat the war that would erupt now and then.
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    The Indian Army's Regiment of Artillery celebrates "The 'Raising Day', which is also known as the 'Gunners Day', on September 28 to mark the raising of the first Indian Artillery unit in 1827.
    I remember the contribution of highly controversial Boforce guns in winning the Kargil War in 1999. The victory in this war also reminds the accumen of Indian Air Force.

    I salute the Rakhshaks of the country.

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