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    Surgical Strike being penned as a book and Movie. Is it needed?

    We just had a thread about the bold and fearless action of our proud Indian Army. In my reply, I mentioned, "hope politics and politicians do not interfere with their(Army) functioning".

    Ironically, I just read the news that the Surgical strike is being made into a movie and a book. "In Securing India the Modi Way: Pathankot, Surgical strikes and More" a book by NA Gokhale, is being released tomorrow in New Delhi.

    A movie titled "Üri" is also being made. With utmost respect to these events and the Army personnel who risked their lives for the sake of the country, I personally don't think they would want publicity like this.

    Does bringing out a book or a movie is just a noble gesture alone or it's for financial gains. Will the Indian Army want such publicity? Would welcome views from members who know more about our Indian Army.
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    Indian Army may not want this. But political leaders wanted. The ruling party will try to get an advantage through this book and movie. Then the opposition party will try to bring in another book which will give a good popularity to them and they will encourage somebody to make a movie with that story. This is the order of the day.
    In a Telugu movie, it was shown that a politician was addressing a meeting and telling that Hyderabad is a big city when compared to Visakhapatnam. But Visakhapatnam is having an ocean. But no ocean in Hyderabad. This is the injustice done to Hyderabad. If you all vote for me, I will become the Chief Minister and bring a much bigger ocean to Hyderabad. It is a little exaggerated in that movie but the mentality of the leaders will be same. Always their outlook will be how to fool the public and get their votes. In that pursuit, they don't hesitate to go to any level. In India, it has become very common and these days there are no exemptions for this.

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    Military achievements should never be penned and published as a book or in the magazine or produced as a movie for entertainment. It is a trade secret that to be preserved in a secret place for the future warriors to view and plan their fighting. By leaving it open to the public we are reducing our fighting efficiency to go to hell.
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    This attempt of publishing the book with the details just for publicity gimmick for the party will make the military more vulnerable. I totally agree with the author and the above responses that it shouldn't have happened. Somethings are best to remain under wraps and better if it is just open to the concerned people, making it accessible to the public is definitely not safe.

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    Indian film-makers have almost zero knowledge about military matters. They are blissfully ignorant about Para operations. For example, they don't know HAHO and HALO, 'Ghatak' platoon, Tavor, etc. They don't understand the detailed diversionary tactic employed just before the strike at all levels. So, even if they make a film, they would be able to create more confusion in the mind of the enemy, which is more than desirable.

    Personally I don't like the idea of making a movie on this topic so early.

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    These things really do not require the kind of publicity that media is doing. These are our country's defense and strategy matters and should be given only as an news item. It seems media is having lot of TV and radio time with them and they do not have anything creative or constructive with them to show and are hungry for anything which attracts people attention and they will repeat it as many times as possible. This is really a pitiable state of our media today.

    There are beautiful novels and stories available in world wide literature and there are ample opportunities to make picture or drama or anything for entertainment but our people do not have that type of clean thinking or artistic mind so they are all engaged in making masala films. They will prefer to make a picture on Baba and Honypreet rather than a emotional and sentimental play.

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    I was going through an excerpt from the book referred to in the thread and am quite convinced as to why the author chose to write on this topic. Right from trying to clarify that such strikes had been carried out earlier too, and reference to Vajpayee government's strict orders during the Kargil war that we should not go across the border, to the point that a surgical strike of this magnitude would not have been possible if it was not for the strong support from Sri Modi, the message is quite clear. The book does make many strategical details explicit which is not (I feel) in the interests of the nation. This is another example of how dependent the present government is on publicity. I doubt whether it was part of an effort to become part of History in the way one would want the future generation should read about. It should have been avoided or at least delayed.

    Coming to the movie, I don't think they will try to replay the strike. It might be based on the incident but being a movie, there will be (has to be) lot of exaggeration and will not be picturing minute details as has been done in the book. We have had such movies earlier too and they had always remained just movies unlike the firsthand information that has been provided by Mr Gokhale. But still, we will have to wait and watch.

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    Within two months of the surgical strike in PoK, Major General GD Bakshi's article in a Defence Magazine gave many details (however very few people read this). Shiv Aroor & Rahul Singh's Book ''India's Most Fearless'' (released last week by Gen. Vipin Rawat, COAS) gave many details of the surgical strike in PoK and also inside Myanmar. Rahul Kanwal's recent article also gave the details.

    In comparison, the film would not cover much because the film-makers don't bother about technical details. I am sure that the film-makers would rather try to find some opportunities for romance, dancing around the trees, etc. So, this type of film would create more confusion in the mind of enemies.

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    I think after the show off between India and Pakistan during 1972 war, there has been literally no war in the region and the people want to have Indian Army in action of bounce back. So our PM Modi has given free hand to Army to decide on the security and safety of the country and thus first ever surgical strike was conducted and Pakistan has been taught with bitter lesson. So that moment is really cherish able one and naturally a book has come up and the movie is being planned. Let the coming generations know the gallantry act of our army which wont keep quiet even at the slightest disturbance at across the border.
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    Ruling party have a ministry to control the army of a country. I think Surgical strikr is necessary whenever the Pakistan try to interfere with the border security and so on.The ruling party,ministry of defence can guide and support army in a correct manner as PM Narendra Modi has done I won't think anything is wrong in mentioning him with our brave Indian army on surgical strike.If any stranger tries to enter your house without your consent,it will be your job to reply back and answer.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Manish, please do not pull up old threads. And senior members, can we expect you all to be more responsible please?
    'It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it'. - Aristotle.

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