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    Have school holidays lost their charm?

    The present school schedule is so hectic, that I'm surprised children truly enjoy their holidays. We have Dushera Holidays but children around me still go for special classes, tutions and half a day school for interested students.

    As a child, I remember, holidays means books and school are forgotten till the re-opening day. Packing bags and off to grandparents, uncles and aunts who live around or at our ancestral villages. Carefree days, full of fun, going to some temple and back.

    Do you have fond memories of your school holidays and do you agree that kids now are missing what we had?
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    100% I agree with the author's comments. Today morning only myself, my wife and my elder son were discussing about the festival celebration earlier days. Last three days of Dasara are very important festivals. Maha Ashtami, Maharnavami and Vijayadasami. These three days are celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm. But these days that is missing. Today is Maha Ashtami. But today is also like any other day. No speciality. getting up, getting ready, go to the office with a box for lunch in the backpack and returning back in the night. So these festivals and holidays are also going like any normal day only.
    Even though government declared holidays, parents will never allow their children to move out of the place as they have to attend special classes, tutions and complete the assignments given by the school teachers which are to be completed in the holidays. There is no life for them except classes, classes and classes.
    Even today I remember my school going days. Every student was eagerly waiting for the holidays. We used to get into the bus on the last working day in the evening and reach our grandparent's village and enjoy the holidays fully. No homework, no assignments, no special classes. That way we are very much blessed.

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    These Navarathri holidays were really enjoyed by us during our school days. In Kerala the two days, Navami and Dasami days were more attractive for children. On these days children are not allowed to read and writ. In the evening of Ashtami day books will be kept in front of the Saraswathy idol. It will be allowed to take back only after the Saraswathy pooja on Vijaya Dasami day. That day is celebrated as Vidya arambham day. Every body including children will start with writing and chanting the alphabets first and afterwards certain selected verses praising Saraswathi devi. After that reading and writing can be done.

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    Cent percent correct. Many parents donor enjoy the festivals themselves and not letting the childrens to enjoy. In many places house ladies dressed their female children with traditional costume and worshipped them as suvasinis. According to spiritual side they are telling that lack in honouring female children may be reason for disaster in the universe. In cities many parents instead of taking them to the relative houses, they joined them in special activities like abacus etc., so that charm in festivals lost in children

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    The answer to the title question cannot be perfect. It will be always be relative.

    The earlier generations had their own engagements and involvements as per the opportunities and facilities available in their time. Present generation have their involvements and engagements as per the opportunities and facilities available now. Even the current youth, when they become old, may feel that the further next generational lost the charm these youths now enjoy. It will be perennial like that.

    In our generation we played game on a large ground, but today children need a space of just four or five inches(that of mobile screen) to play games. We enjoyed in our own way, the present children enjoy in their own way. The children today may feel how the elders lived without mobile, earphone or Google. When we say today's children have lost a lot of old charms, today's children will be feeling exactly opposite-poor elders, they never got the enjoyment and charm that today'kids have.

    So I do not endorse the views of the thread. Today also holidays have their charm. Children get to play mobile game, visit 3D,4D theatres,Video Chat, exchange a lot of pics and messages,always be in touch in real time.
    Just like Mother Devaki had seen the whole world in the mouth of child Krishna(Lord Krishna), today's children have everything in front of them,on their command just on a click. Are not they enjoying in their own way? Is it not we the elder generation who have lost the charm of our holiday as we have grown and there is nothing new to do?

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    There is no rest in a marathon. The present generation is running a marathon spanning over a lifetime. Holidays aren't even a concept anymore. People do take holidays but to do the leftover work they're given with. Holidays don't serve their purpose now.
    I remember my holidays very well because those few days were when I truly lived.
    I've seen parts of south India until now. Soon I'll see parts of the north too. I love travelling. And holidays for me are to travel.

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    While I agree with the opinion of Venkiteswaran sir that the answer to the question whether holidays have lost its charm is relative, I do believe that the present generation do not actually enjoy holidays as it is conceived to be. Holidays are meant to be a period of recreation and leisure. In that sense, can we say that the present crowd enjoy their holidays? Holidays were supposed to be a period during which we are not bound to follow a set routine and were almost like free birds; free from work and free from books and studies. Visiting ancestral houses, meeting relatives and friends, going on picnics and tours, games, movies and so on used to make us feel that vacations are too short. People might be enjoying what they do now but I don't think there would be a total change in our mood or feelings during holidays in the present scenario. In that context, I am with the author in that holidays have indeed lost their charm. Changes might be inevitable but force them to take up the challenge to fall out of the line and I am sure they will also start looking forward to holidays.

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    So much has changed over the years, in my lifetime. I think every generation holds dear the experiences that they lived. I have fond memories of vacations and today's generation will build their own memories.

    We judge everything based on our experiences and want our kids to enjoy life the way we did. But, that is not possible because the world keeps moving on. In my time, getting an undergraduate degree was a big achievement. In my parent's time being a matriculate was such an honour. But, today's kids have so much more to achieve and so little time.

    Getting an education is important, so they need to attend the coaching classes. Overall development is important too, so they are enrolled in extracurricular classes. It has become routine for them. Kids think it to be normal; they do not miss the 'vacation' because they have not experienced it. Life is all about new things. Remember, adults moved away from their villages and small hometowns to bigger cities, for better opportunities. Their parents would have bemoaned their fate. Now, we don't even bat an eyelid at the thought of moving to distant lands. We accept the changes because we assume them to be good for us. Similarly, kids forfeit their vacations, for their own good.

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    I remember our holidays which were so fun and relaxing and everything which we dreamt of during our classroom days was seemed to be true. Going on picnics with friends, reading story books at leisure, going outstation with parents and many other activities which were permitted under the financial condition of my parents.

    That was the time (about 50 yrs back) when there was no tuition facilities, mobile phones were not there, computers were unknown and life was to some extent simple and easy going.

    Though for everyone the school days are nostalgic but truly speaking our memory of school days is more academic rather sports and fun. We had a students book club and a Govt district library. The library was full of Indian as well as foreign books and moreover the hindi translations of famous foreign books were also available. We developed a great taste for these books and after reading them in hindi when we later on during our graduation shifted to their english version we really relished them. Many words and sentences remained in my memory for long and it is no surprise if I am reproducing some of them here unknowingly.

    Todays holidays are definitely different as students have to think ahead for their career and due to tough job condition they are under tremendous pressure. In such situation I do not think they will be having same fun and frolic which we had.

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