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    Keep quiet at places where you does not have the respect from expected quarters.

    Sometimes we are forced to go to such places, where we are strangers and no one would recognize us. Still being invited we take the liberty and try to mingle with others. But some times the reception and the attention wont be on our expected lines and there seems to be uneasy calm and we are made uncomfortable. In that situation it is better to keep quiet and allow others to talk and take lead in the place. By keeping quiet , we are making more room for others to say more and in that process we also get confidence and change our attitude gradually.
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    Silence is the best ornament sometimes. Generally, we wear various types of ornaments when we are going to a new place especially to functions and other places( It is true in case of a majority of ladies). But when we go there it is better to be silent and observe other people. Hear what they are talking and let us get enriched with the new stuff. If we have many known faces there naturally we will be forced to talk. But in places where many are unknown, it is better to be silent. I
    We will attend the functions where we were invited. Such places we may not have many known people. Those places we have to sit and try to observe the function and complete the formalities and come back. Generally, when we attend functions of our neighbours this will happen. There we can meet the host, offer our blessing and take food and come back is the best policy.

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    I totally agree with the authors view that we should avoid visiting such places where we are not respected.
    It is often said that we should speak where it is wise to speak otherwise it is better to keep quiet because if we still keep talking no matter how wiser our words are they will lose their meaning.
    Similarly we shouldn't visit places where we are made feel undesirable and unwanted it not only effect our self esteem but also reduces our self confidence so its better to avoid these situation before getting indulge in them.

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    We have to learn to make ourselves comfortable in any situation.
    I used to be very sensitive in similar situations earlier.I felt myself sorry , desperate and depressed many times initially. But slowly I realised that such things becoming rules and practice rather than exceptions. I also learnt that I am only the loser if I become sensitive. So I started to train myself to make myself comfortable somehow. Now I do not mind even if nobody attends me. I can take care of myself as I am clear why I am there and fulfil that .

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    Nice thread Mohan sir, many times I've felt this way at social gatherings. Initially, I used to wonder why to go when you are basically unwanted. Over the years I've found that it often happens when you are invited by someone you know well and you are not familiar with the rest of the host's family; you find isolated, I make my presence felt, slowly move out once the important event is over. The next common reason is when you know the person well and the crowd is too huge, I sometimes feel sorry for friends and relatives who host functions and keep running around to meet everyone which is impossible, here I try to interact with common friends and ease through the function.

    The last, less common reason (what the author alludes to) is when you are invited as an obligation and you are in a different social class than the host or you are going through difficult times. On such occasions, I present myself to fulfil the social norms and come off. At these functions or meetings, I feel happy that I've had a chance to interact with people who do not respect basic human values and sentiments. This has helped me to be much more confident about myself, who care if you don't have a kg of Gold or a huge car that stinks of wealth that can change. History is full of such characters.

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