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    Guess a Mathematical methodology to solve the problem

    If you are well aware of Mathematics subject A 'Guess' is not just a small thing and many of us said it fluke or luck to guess the answer or solve the problem but it is not as you think a Guess is a Mathematical methodology to solve the problem When we are working with some complicated sums where there is no way to find a solution especially in linear algebra sums there is a term called Trail and Error method what this is all about is Try Something which is a Guesswork if doesn't work Guess again Over time, our guesses become more educated and we tend to require fewer trials to reach our solutions.
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    Trial and error method is one of the methodologies generally used in research and development works. Whatever trials we do will have definitely a logic. Even then our trial may not be successful for various reasons. Then we have to come out another logic and try that. Like this, we will try various possible alternatives and finally, we will hit the target. In some cases, we will right on the spot in the first trial itself. In some cases, we may have to do more trials. Before starting this trial and error method we should undertake a brainstorming session. All concerned will sit and will have a very exhaustive discussion on the project and work out various options. Then try one by one. This is what the people do for new discoveries and new processes.
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    It is directly related to probability. In MCQ-type question, there are generally four alternatives for each question. If a person doesn't know the answer but can understand the answers which are not correct, then he adopts a method of elimination. For example, in case of four alternatives, if a person knows that two alternatives are incorrect, then he makes an intelligent guess by choosing any one of the remaining two alternatives. Then the probability of his choosing the correct answer increases to 0.5 (1 out of 2 alternatives) instead of the original 0.25 (1 out of 4 alternatives). Those who appear in competitive examination, often resort to this method.
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    Guessing is a methodology for solving problems. But can we call it a mathematical methodology? Mathematical methodology involves some mathematical techniques or formulae to solve a problem. That is why the adjective mathematical is attached.
    Considering it as a Statistical problem also is not fully correct. But when more guesses are there out of which the most probable one can be chosen using probabilistic approach.


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    The best mathematical methodology to solve any problem is to go for a toss to get the desired answer. Most of the time it helped me. I leave it to the God/destiny to provide me the right answer through the toss when in doubt. I don't guess at all. To me, Guess is not a mathematical methodology.

    One may ask how do I toss in the examination hall. I do it with my pen or pencil. I rotate the pen/pencil and watch where it stops. If the pen nib or pencil lead head stops to my right, it is the right, and the left is wrong. In other areas, I take out a coin and toss for the head to tell me to go ahead.

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