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    Statistics of road repairs - is it number of potholes or number of roads?

    Recently I was reading a news item where it was mentioned that a particular civic body has repaired 800 potholes in the city after rainy season.

    I was just pondering over this statistics or data and could not deduce anything.

    The number of potholes has no meaning. If they want to highlight their work they have to tell how many roads they have repaired and potholes are filled. More precisely how many km of roads are made potholes free.

    Number of potholes repaired is a misleading term.

    What is your opinion on this?
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    Road repairing is a general term. In that, there may be different types of repairs. Sometimes they have to fill potholes, sometimes they have to extend the sides. so on and so forth. When it comes to Government Departments they want everything in detail. They can't simply say road repair. They have to give how much work is done, with so many details what type of work is done. how many man days it has taken. how much material they have consumed. What is the thickness and what is the depth of the manhole etc?. So they mention everything separately. Then only the sanction will come otherwise it is very difficult. So they give the details like this.
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    The take here is that by showing the repair of the potholes, the civic administration would insist the contractors to have field day and raise bills as if new re carpet has been done to the road. Normally the civic authorities are having their own bitumen plant through which cold process road mix is made and potholes if any would be closed and repaired on emergency basis for which no contract is required. But to make money out of every transactions, the civic authorities would rope in contractors so that public money would be siphoned the other way showing big work on paper but done negligently in action.
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