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    Do you hesitate to ask for help?

    Related to my profession, attending meetings and conferences, I used to come back with unanswered questions, that I never asked. Initially, I used to feel that people would laugh at me.
    Gradually, I've changed and now do not hesitate to ask for help or advice on many things in life. More often than not, I've got positive replies and help from unexcepted quarters. All we need to do is ask for it.

    "He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever"
    A Chinese proverb.

    Learned members, please share your views.
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    It is true by all means. Generally many people will hesitate to talk Lon the lads room or lecture halls or seminars. They think that people may make fun of us if we ask for clarifications. But more than 50% people will have the same doubt, but never open their mouth. But if we are not getting our doubt clarified at that moment, the doubt will be there forever. So it is always become a fool for 5 minutes than remaining foolish whole life.Everybody will have that initial hesitation to get up and talk in the gathering. But once we open up we can express our point of view very boldly and openly. This quality will further improve S you practice the same more number of times. When I presented my first research paper in a seminar for the first two or three minutes, there was a little hesitation. But after that initial hesitation, I managed the whole show very well and received lot of appreciation from the audience.
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    Yes, I have been a victim of hesitation, but by the time, I have improved a lot. Still asking for help is something I find hard to do. But I am trying to overcome this behaviour as much as I can. Because I know its not going to help in the long run. I even mentioned this in one of my posts that I wrote on hesitation.
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    It is the inherent shyness, ego and inhibition which retards a person from asking help. He feels as if the other person will make a fun of him.

    Frank and open people ask for help in a simplistic manner and often they get it without any embarrassment.

    So we should first try ourselves and if we are not able to solve the problem there is no reason why we should not ask for help. At the same time we should not except that the other person will help us magnimously. He may only direct us to do the things in a correct manner which we were not doing earlier.

    So asking help does not mean the complete solution. You will only get some hints and tricks for solutions and you will have to sit down and work your self to get the final answer or final product.

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    At times I do hesitate that too based on the person as many people hesitate to or timid to help others. One of my friend poses himself as knows everything and one day I approached him for a help on the subject but instead of refusing or explaining, he told me refer computer. But aa for as I concerned I used to offer my help to the need volunteer and many do approach me for help.

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    I hesitated a lot before. I'm struggling to get over my social anxiety lately. So I try to talk and ask freely now. A teacher once advised me," In order to know the unknown, ask". If I started asking doubts, no matter how silly and irrelevant they may seem, I'll build up my confidence. Moreover, when you ask something, the conversation gets prolonged. So this helps a great deal in communicating.
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    Nice to know that many of us have hesitated but now are changing because asking for help benefits us in many ways, a suggestion, increasing knowledge etc.

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