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    Are agitating girl students of BHU anti-national?

    Nowadays, we are observing that the law and order situation in UP has been deteriorating day by day. Eve- teasing in disguise of moral policing is becoming the order of the day. Everybody is well aware of the background of the saffron clad CM of the state. This CM was a law and order problem of the state before. The same man is now the in-charge of the state. The surge in the events of moral policing and cow-vigilantism is but obvious.

    A few days before there was a lathi charge on the agitating girl students of BHU ( Banaras Hindu University). The girls were demanding security against sexual assault on a girl student and regular eve teasing in the campus of the university.

    The VC of BHU, a RSS man, gave a new dimension to the whole incident by declaring it a work of leftist students of the university. During his various interviews on TV, he seemed to flip-flop from his statements. He initially denied of any lathi charge on the students and said that the case was not of sex assault but of eve-teasing etc. etc. He declared that the agitation was anti-national. The commissioner's report exposed the VC.

    Recently, we see that the educational institutions are being targeted for imposition of a particular ideology. It started with JNU then AMU and now BHU. I strongly of the opinion that following any ideology or raising issues other than of ruling class' liking is not a anti-national act. The act of imposition of a particular ideology by any person or body or govt. is against the constitution.

    Please opine.
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    If any ill treatment is meted out the girls at the BHU has every right to protest and demand action from the University authorities and that cannot be termed as anti national. Now a days politics is taking its ugly head inside the varasity campus and students union who are having affiliations with different parties would tow their own way of protest and this is also in the same line. Eve teasing is the menace to which there cannot be second thoughts on the part of University to postpone any actions. Students unions also should cooperate with the BHU management and see that eve teasing and harassment of girls completely eliminated.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I agree with the views of Mohan. If any unruly behaviour in the University campus definitely deserves severe punishment. This can never be anti-national. The politics in the university campus is a very well known phenomenon and it has attained its peak with the affiliations of these student's unions with political parties. University administration should act tough when the things are going in a different direction and control the things. But unfortunately, that is not happening. Again this is also due to the involvement of politicians in the university administration. The system of education should be completely overhauled. A university is a place of education. It is like a temple. The things should be controlled there without any bias. To have this atmosphere, I think the university administration should be under the control of a committee formed by academicians without any affiliations to any political party.
    always confident

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    No university or school would be deemed safe where female students are targeted with eve teasing and abuse. If this is true, then there is a serious lapse on the part of the university officials.

    These are criminal events that should be promptly investigated and looked into by the officials themselves to reassure the other students and to safeguard the reputation of a big university like BHU.

    Once politics enters into the fray, things are out of control and a major law and order issue arises. I agree with the above senior members. Education especially college should be left out of politics and politicians. Like how schooling is important for a child's growth, a college education is a key to enable our youth the lead productive lives as citizens.

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