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    A miracle took birth right before my eyes

    The stray dog that I pet daily
    Won't bark and run behind me
    I thought I should find out why
    The dog sure looks healthy

    But she just lies down and wails
    I think she needs some space
    This would go on till the next week
    Then I found by her five lil puppies
    It was lovely to watch them together
    The pups are all dark brown in color

    In all shapes and forms appears Life.
    A miracle took birth right before my eyes.
    Miracle. I cannot come up with a better word,
    to aptly explain how two lives bring the third.
    We are all born blind, soft and powerless
    Gripping with power our little fingers can harness
    Life clings to your body, like a baby clings to it's mother
    And we share this miracle called life with one and other
    We treasure the fruits of our passion and give them a name
    We all are of different cultures, but life we lead is the same

    Then where do all our differences arise
    Why unsee the miracle before our eyes ?
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    Nice. Even our birth is a miracle. A good narration. I appreciate the author for the way in which he has presented the thoughts. All the best to you, Aditya.
    always confident

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    Miracles not only happen with human beings and it is also present in animals and in this case with a dog and its puppies. Observation is the highlight of the author and narration was superb.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    excellent thread and style of presentation. A life being born on earth ( human or animal) is a joy, I never get tired of watching wildlife programs wherein right from a little bird to the majestic elephant who have their hatchlings or babies and nurture them with love and care.

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