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    Is it a miracle or indomitable spirit?

    The young boy used to dream about having encounters with the terrorists and killing them. But to honour his father who had been in Indian Navy, he had to join Indian Navy in 1989. Everybody including himself thought that his childhood dream of killing terrorist in encounters would remain a distant dream as an officer of Indian Navy, but providence thought otherwise.

    After the birth of his first child (a daughter), the young officer got the opportunity to join MARCOS. He trained very hard, but after all it was only training simulating real-life encounters. Ultimately by December, 1999, he was posted at Wular Lake in Srinagar along with seven other MARCOS men under the command of 15 Rashtriya Rifles (RR). His dream to fight with terrorists was going to become reality.

    The CO of 15 RR instantly liked the energetic young officer. After initial acclimatisation process and coordination training with other soldier and officers of the unit, the officer started getting the opportunities to engage with the terrorists once when snows started melting since March, 2000.

    The number of terrorists entering the valley started increasing with the melting of snow. The terrorists preferred Wular Lake to enter Srinagar because the lake provided a short-cut without interference of Army checking. Indian Armed Forces also knew this. So 15 RR along with the MARCOS men was posted in the vicinity of Wular Lake.

    May, 2000 came. The young MARCOS officer was deputed along with the soldiers of the unit to clear a building in a nearby mountainside village. The officer, as always, was at the forefront. The entire area was cordoned off and the terrorists were cornered. Fierce gun battle started. The terrorists used their full fire-power. Some Army personnel were injured.

    After an RDX explosion, the officer jumped forward to save two jawans from sure death from the hail of bullets of two terrorists coming straight to these two jawans. He did save them by killing those two terrorists, but he himself suffered from more than twelve bullet wounds all of which were serious and also from a splintered grenade.

    Nobody believed that the officer would survive. His buddy somehow brought the unconscious body of the officer outside the building. His body was straightaway taken to Srinagar Hospital where the doctor, just before declaring him 'brought dead', felt very feeble pulse and straightaway pushed him in the operation theatre after the full-body scan.

    The commando's chest had been burst open, the cavity was visible and shards of metals were embedded in every part of the body. His right hand became useless. He had lost enough blood to reach the 'land of no return' within 15 minutes of the action.

    But miracles did happen! After the initial operations at Srinagar Hospital, he was again transferred in a precarious condition to R&R Hospital in Delhi. He ultimately came out from the ICU after more than three months. He came out of the hospital after a year.

    But miracles continued! While the senior officers were expecting a resignation letter, the man started undergoing grueling training regimen. He started to do everything with his left hand. He set up a MARCOS training unit in April, 2002 and fathered a baby boy in July 2002. Unbelievably this great soldier became the Commander of INS Karma in 2016.

    How do we describe the journey of this extra-ordinary soldier? Is it a miracle or indomitable spirit which makes impossible, possible?

    (True event)

    [This is a competition entry for Topic for TOW contest for the week 24th Sept - 30th Sept'17 - Miracle]
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    Wonderful narration indeed about the sacrifice and miracle life of the officer.Courage and determination is the hidden formula for miracles.Indeed, God helps those who help themselves.These are the lines which come to my mind instantly.
    "If things go wrong, don’t go with them"

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    A good narration. I think it is determination and courage brought him back to life. This is will that saved him. A good post. Thanks to the author for the information.
    always confident

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    Excellent Mr.Partha Kansabanik. A true story well narrated. I admire the single-minded commitment of this brave army hero who despite all odds has made it back again. He has further moved on to continue serving the nation. Given the kind of people who take our country for a ride (corruption, high-handedness, unpatriotic spies) we see every day, it's truly a miracle that such people do exist.

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    Mr. Natarajan: Thanks for the complement. Only one small correction. The courageous officer is from Indian Navy, not from Indian Army. Full form of MARCOS: Marine Commandos. At the time of the incidence in May, 2000, the small MARCOS unit was attached with 15 RR in Srinagar (Counter-Insurgency loop).
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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