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    The Indian epics are full of miracles - What do you say?

    Dear Members,
    I say that the Indian Epics Ramayana and Mahabharata are full of miracles that we do not see in our day to day life in this present world.
    For E.g.
    In Ramayana - Hanuman flying over the sea to Srilanka with his huge body. Hanuman flying with a moutain in hand to save Lakshmana's life. Jadayu fighting with Ravana in the open sky. The Monkey force building a bridge over the sea from Rameswaram to Srilanka etc etc etc.

    In Mahabharatha - The war itself is a miracle that the arrows move in different style and fashion. One lady having been blessed with five husbands. And all other magics and gimmicks by Krishna. etc etc etc.

    What do you say, my dear fellow ISCian. Are they not Miracles?

    @ My TOW entry for Miracle week.
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    Two fine fictional novels according to me. Miracle should have welcomed consequences. But I think miracles of Ramayana and Mahabharatha are not only are bizarre but hugely unwelcome. These bizarre events only brought upon death and destruction. Moreover miracles are just daily events occurring at unforeseen circumstances. I don't think of flying monkeys and monster slaying arrows are miracles. They're magic if you'd like to call them that.Or some might call them occult sciences.
    But they're not miracles by any chance at all.

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    Yes, I agree with the author, our Indian epics are full of miracles. Because whatever incidents happened at that time, depict this clearly. During the time of Ramayana, and the the reign of Lord Ram, it was being said that wherever, they will write the name 'Ram', they will see some miracle there. Because Lord Ram was a miracle in himself, because he was divine, he was Lord. So, we could hear the incident to cross the river , all the fellow monkeys of Hanumanji's group, they kept writing the name of Ram on all the stones and rocks and it kept floating in the sea. Because Ram is the power, he is superior and a miracle in himself.
    Similarly Lord Hanuman had great strength to do whatever he wanted to do. And so there is one more example that he he got the whole mountain once to treat Lord Ram and Lakshman when they were fighting with Ravan and they got fainted. Since he was not able to find the Sanjeevani herbs in that mountain, so he carried the whole big mountain to save Lord Ram. There are many more such miraculous story in our epics.

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    What is the moral conveyed by Harry Potter? A book full of miracles. This is a normal tendency of human being to enjoy miracles. Some times imaginary things give a temporary solace to mind. If you observe in our life also there are so many miraculous moments. There are so many miraculous escapes.

    I see these epics from the angle of conveying morals of life in a interesting manner. The Indian Epics are full of miracles to make them interesting. I suppose that the epic writers wanted to convey the morals in a unforgettable manner. The examples sited in the thread can be understood as follows.

    In Ramayana, Hanuman's help to Ram symbolises the cooperation of Human and monkey for a cause. Jatau's fight is again a symbol of involvement of birds in fighting with evil. There are incidences of cooperation of Human and animals in fighting for a cause. This epic sets standards of Human relationships.

    In Mahabharat, the incidence of blessing a woman with five husbands is not a miracle. This happens in some parts of the Himalayan region. One lady marries and lives with more than one husband. The other things are to convey a moral that gambling is a taboo and it may ruin not only you but also the whole family. This also depicts the shakti of a woman.

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    I welcome the responses posted by Aditya, Pooja and Sunilkanth.
    @ Adiya - Anything abnormal and cannot be believed is a miracle to us.The whole epic is filled with such unbelievable incidents that we presume it to be a miracle.

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    Yes our epics are full of miracles and we have to believe them. Having ten heads for Ravana is the miracle and he has the boon of appearing here and there during war miracle. Likewise the Raakshashas in Ravana camp were full of miracles as they would make disappearing trick which even puzzled Hanuman. In Mahabharatha, Bishma sleeping on the bed of arrows is a big miracle, the construction of candle palace was the big miracle and above all how the war would have taken place when the two sides would be keeping quiet in the nights and fight during the day. That was a real miracle.
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    When we have not thought of man landing on the moon, if somebody does that, it is a miracle. If something we feel impossible and if the same is done by somebody else that is a miracle to us. But for the performer, it is not a miracle. He feels that it is achieved by his strength and will. This is how I will interpret.
    Different people will have different beliefs and sentiments. We can't rule out anyone and at the same time, we need not change our opinion.
    So I don't know whether we have to call them miracles or not. For us, it may be a miracle.
    Nicely described by the author.

    always confident

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