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    Babas misusing apparent miracles

    Ours is a religious society and people follow their respective religions and worship their Gods. Barring a few atheist persons the majority of us is religious and we follow many religious practices and rituals.

    Religion is basically a support pillar for us and we take its shelter continuously as well as in times of adversity. For religious people this is very important thing in their life as they believe that worshipping will keep them away from bad times as God will be pleased with their prayers.

    Now in our society there are some Babas who take advantage of this psychology of the people and in the process earn money and other material gifts from their devotees. These Babas will tell people that if they do like that they will get their desired ambition. When one out of many devotees gets his ambition through he announces that Baba has done a miracle. This spreads like wildfire and more people queue up the line in Baba's place and the wealth of Baba goes on increasing in a fast pace.

    There are many such Babas in our society and they are making fool of people specially those who believe in their apparent miracles.
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    Apparent miracles? How are they miracles if they're apparent?
    Well, trust is, to be exploited. Trust/Faith is a double-edged sword. You cannot simply attribute your hard-earned success to the spells of a wizard or an astrologer. You achieved what you've because you acted correctly.
    The problem is faith blinds the reason. Once a devotee starts questioning, he comes out of the spell cast by the "babas". So these Babas keep on lecturing or do some rituals to keep the masses from thinking and applying reason in place of religion. I don't really blame them. The art of con and bluffing has thrived since the dawn of humanity.
    There will be sufferers and scammers in the future too. Scam changes it's face but never disappears.
    Only vigilance among the masses can provide them with salvation.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    We all believe God. We pray God and we are successful we always feel that God has helped us. Definitely, religion is a support pillar to many of us. There is no second thought about it. But some people believe Babas more and they think that they will get all wealth and health by following them. They are very innocent people. Taking their innocence as weakness, some cunning people in the name of Babas making merry. We should use our mind before believing these Babas who are not of help to us anyway.
    always confident

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    As long long as there are gullible people the tribes of Babas and Godmen will continue to flourish. There are few who in the name of God do good deeds to people ( food, health, shelter and spiritual guidance) and mother earth. Unfortunately, these wise men and women are far and few.

    The current trend is to cash on an event, slowly build a presence, market the person cleverly and soon a Godman is born. Then around him, a mini-industry itself flourishes. Soon the Baba reaches a cult status and almost becomes untouchable by the hands of society and law.

    A few days earlier, I read that a list of fake babas have been submitted for people to be boycotted and the state government (UP) is investigating these people whose one aim in life is to live off the fear and innocence of the common man.

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    As long as greed and want to earn money in short cut attitude is present in the people mind the so called Babas would exploit the situations and reap money for themselves. In the name of some Gupt Needhi that means treasure in the soil, some Babas convince the house holds to perform big rituals and pooja and thus they are made to shell so much money and when the actual digging takes place nothing is found. When the media is agog with all kinds of tricks and fooling by Babas, the house holds are still believing the antics of Babas who have the knack of convincing anyone for Needhi and thus fooled.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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