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    Let a miracle happen in the life of every childless couple

    Childless couple who have undergone several treatments and found no luck so far will definitely be expecting a miracle to happen in their life too. They might have undergone many treatments one after the other but when nothing gave them the expected results, their hope level starts decreasing and if a positive result happens to them afterwards they believe it to be a miracle.

    Yes! there are many people around us who are expecting for a miracle to happen due to their inability to conceive or because medical science has marked them as a infertile person. Medicines and treatments might not come to help always; in certain cases miracles has to happen.

    Due to our current life style, the number of such people are increasing these days.

    I am sure you might also have come across someone who prays to God for a miracle so that they too can be a parent. Let God bless all of them!
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    Yes. These days many couples are facing this problem in the younger generation. That is why many fertility centres are increasing and these couples are rounding around those hospitals. If you see in major cities these hospitals are always crowded. These hospitals are making merry and they are squeezing the people and making huge profits.After that also there is no surety for getting pregnant. Some hospitals are cheating this type of people. Recently some incident has come in the paper. Better to pray God and the prayers will never go waste and miracles will happen.
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    Yes, I know of a family(now the woman is about seventy plus, the husband no more) who were told categorically not to keep hope of having a child of their own. So they were advised to adopt a child. The lady became highly desperate and reconciled to her fate.However the husband did not give up hope. He took faith in the prediction of a relative astrologer who firmly said that they will have a child of their own.
    The husband the was a devotee and visited the temples and kept praying sincerely.
    Miracle, it is- the woman became pregnant after about ten years from marriage and born a male child. The son has now got married also.

    I stand with the thread author, let similar miracles happen.

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    This is certainly a noble thought that many including myself would hope will happen. Many of us feel helpless and sad when we see a couple hoping desperately to have their first child. They consult doctors after doctors, pray at many temples, do so many poojas, give alms and feed the poor so on and so forth.

    They reach such a point in life, that they start believing less in medical interventions and believe more in spiritualism and blessings from the Almighty. They almost take a holistic approach to life and are sadly some are ridiculed and frowned upon by relatives and own family members.

    I fully agree with authors and replies so far. If anyone is in need of a miracle, it's not someone who wants wealth, riches or power, it's a childless couple who really need a miracle to behold their first child and cherish their belief in God during the difficult and testing times they've undergone so far.

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    For a childless couple, conceiving a child is the big miracle and their joy on the moment has no bounds. I know one of the family which was not having any child for 17 years has finally conceived and of course with a prolonged treatment from a eminent infertile specialist and finally the child was born much to the delight of the couples. Everyone was saying that they have no chance to have baby at the grown up age, but the couples wont relent and they kept on trying one doctor after other for the best diagnostic and treatment and finally they had the baby boy of their choice and the joy had no bounds.
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    I have witnessed one such miracle happened to one of my relative girl who longed for a child for 20 years. She left no Gods to pray. Last year she was blessed with twins. A miracle to wonder

    I appreciate your good thought. This should be towed by the editors and awarded TOW award. Keep it up.

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    Some people go go prolonged treatments and some others go for worshipping mode and visiting temples and shrines.
    Many times all these efforts become futile while in some rare cases the woman conceives and gets a baby which is the long cherished desire.
    There are advanced methods for in vitro conception and going for a surrogate mother.
    The result of these are very encouraging and almost sure shot.
    When after a long time a woman gets a baby she is very happy and naturally think it as a gift by God and also a miracle
    What about adopting an orphan child instead of going for so many hassles of treatment and other faith related remedies. Many people are adopting children and having a satisfactory family life. I feel adopting a child is a better option and when he turns out in a young man caring for his parents in the same way as the normal children then the parents will feel the proud of their good decision.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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