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    Is it coincidence or miracle?

    The world is full of mysteries and things happen as per situations as well as external and internal phenomena. In our ignorance of the truth we consider many things as miracles.
    For example there is a car accident in which door also opens and one person is thrown out in the bushes and survives with the minor injury while other along with the car are dragged further and collide with the parapet and tumble down in the side pit and all of them lose their lives. The person who survived is said to be miraculously escaped.
    So basically it is a combination of so many factors and it is really difficult to say why it happens like that.
    Let us see another example - a child is trapped in a collapsed building and in a few days is taken alive and we feel it is a miracle. Actually speaking it was not a miracle because sufficient oxygen was available there in that cage like structure. Si surviving for a few days is biologically possible.
    There are many other examples - a person is in great distress and adversity and suddenly from a unknown corner unexpectedly some help comes to solve his problems. It is perceived as a miracle.
    Some people call it coincidence while some call it is as miracle but no one knows the truth.
    So far there is no science developed which can predict the coming events or avoid them.
    Till that time there is no way accept to believe that it was destiny.
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    By seeing so many posts on this subject. Miracle, I am getting puzzled. Which is a miracle, which is a natural phenomenon and which is the coincidence? Different authors, different views, some are well understood, some are not understandable and some are not acceptable. Finally getting an award for this competition by anybody, either you or me or somebody else will also be a miracle. Let this week end without any miracle.
    always confident

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