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    Let us admit, everything around us in nature is Miracle

    Day in and day out, we read and see reports of accidents on road, rail and air; and various other mishaps. This very day the bad news is about a stampede in Mumbai. No one considers them as miracles because they are daily happening nowadays. We may satisfy ourselves saying that that was human error or mechanical error some technical failure.

    Have any of us paused to think about the myriads of moving celestial objects of which our Mother Earth is also on? In fact no one has the real count of those millions and millions.. Have any of them collided with each other at least in the past few hundred years on which we have records? Who shows them the direction? Who gives them the signal and direction? Who is there to monitor the violations and punish the culprits? Who and where is the central command or control room?

    Man priding about his rational, analytic and scientific intelligence is not able to explain even a minute fraction of anything. Man made satellites are falling down. But there they are those many million celestial objects who are right on their track, on and on thousands of years. Admit, that they are just miracles. Nature's miracle or God's miracle.

    A giant tree originated from a tiny seed. Is it not a miracle? Our own body and mind is a miracle. To make an engine how many drawings and drawing boards we need? What is the margin of error in nature's products? How many have three eyes? Or four hands? Though many are universal models, still something is packed in each of them? Miracle, is it not?

    I can go on and on. But there is no denying that nature around us is all miracles only. Let us simply admit.

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    yes. Nature around is full of miracles. I agree with the concept made by the author. We are stationary on a moving object. All the solar system maintaining its path without a deviation without any accidents years together is really a miracle. For a human being to sustain on this earth, nature is doing many miracles.But man is spoiling the nature for his comfort. What a difference.
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