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    How must we understand these cultural practices of certain tribes?

    Through out India Navaratri festivals are going on. But in central India a particular tribe of Gonds regard Mahisasur as their Great King who was benevelont. And aryans under Lord Durga killed him. They still rever him as their ancestoral head.
    The above Legen is not in isolation but through out India there are stories like these glorifying those whom Hinduism regard as demons. For example Ravana is regarded as hero by some tribes of Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka. Their justification is Ravan as any brother was enraged by Ram's action of insulting his sister and hence kidnapped Sita to make Ram understand his pain. He had no bad intention and it is corrobrated by his protection to Sita from all harms until the his death.
    How do you view these legends. They severely question the authority of Vedas to show them in poor light.
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    In Vedas and Puranas it is quite clear that when a person is good and has the good following and even one small mistake in his life would make him bad in the eyes of all and thus getting rid of bad element factors wont be possible. No doubt Ravana was the best administrator, good follower of Lord Shiva and he has the highest regard of undertaking penance with great dedication. Just because he abducted Sita, he has to go through the ordeal of a big war and because of his stubborn attitude the entire Ashuras were eliminated or got killed. So that is the end of Ravana and his era.
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    A person who got 100% will be the first in the list. Even a person who got 99% will be after him only. The same way Rama is a perfect ideal human being. Ravana is also a great man with a lot of devotion towards Lord Shiva and a very good ruler. But only one mistake of abducting Sita has entirely brought a very bad name to him and he has become a villain.
    Those days morals are very high with 0% tolerance. But these days tolerances are very high. 35% also ok.

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    We cannot question our mythological legends and roots. Every story has two sides to it. For every 'good man', there will be a 'bad man' who stands for all the opposite of the good person. Similarly our movies ( hero and villain). So too in our epics, Rama vs Ravana, Arujna vs Duryodhana and other examples.

    Some people like a character for what he or she staunchly stands for, even if they commit mistakes. The character becomes, even more, stronger, if unfair means had to be used to kill or defeat them. For instance, Ghatotkacha, in Mahabharatha legend, created havoc against the Kauravas; Duryodhana had to force Karna to use his power once the only weapon to kill him. Legend says that even Lord Krishna was happy as it was a known fact that Karna had reserved this weapon for Arujna. This makes Ghatotkacha as one of the powerful warriors even though he was a half rakshasa.

    According to some texts, the last arrow that Lord Rama used to kill Ravana is a magical arrow that was taken by Lord Hanuman who tricked Mandodari (Ravana's wife) in revealing its location. Maybe this is viewed as unfair means of war during those days where in life's morals were either black or white and not different shade of grey.

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    Though I do not have much knowledge on what Vedas preach us, I can just say that Vedas say that human should come out of material comforts to see the real happiness in life. But coming to the point why people worship as some of the bad man like 'Ravan' and 'Mahishasur', is because they have been seeing them as their God throughout, though Ravan belonged to Sri Lanka, the people there consider him as their God, because he did good things for his people during his reign. And so they worship him. I need to study the story of Mahishasur to come back to his point.
    Also, coming to Ramayana, Ram is superior power, there is nothing beyond 'Ram' in this world. He was actually a good man, he always followed his words, he was called as "Maryada Purshottam" in Hindi. Because he always kept his promises. He never did wrong to anyone, instead, people of his kingdom Ayodhya always loved him. It was Ravan's sister fault, that led Lakshman to cut her nose, and it happened instantly, though he never wanted to do so. It all happened because of her, and she did not tell the reason of this bad happening to her brother, and that led to his defeat and ultimately his death. Though his deeds were not bad earlier, but he started doing so, once he kidnapped 'Sitaji'.
    Also, it is people's belief to worship them, I do not think there is any point questioning that view.

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