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    Were women in ancient India more feministic than present ?

    Most of us would think feminism as a modern concept. But our epics and ancient Indian literature have feminism in them. Almost most of the female Gods we worship now have their origin during ancient India. It was the time when Draupadi who accepted polyandry was glorified by Lord Krishna himself. Women had been rulers and they took active part in governance of the country. Sabhas (councils) like Vidatha were there which involved women who could question authority of the king and remove him if he doesn't seem ethical. Women sages have composed hymns Eg. Gayatri mandala in Rig Veda is attributed to female Goddess. Rivers were often named after them. Women have led armies as commanders and were glorified as killing Asuras.

    All these concepts suggest that once Indian society had been far more advanced in women's rights than even present times. So what went wrong in between? What might be the factors that gradually brought in the changes? How do you view these changes and concepts in our society?
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    Women had been given preference and importance even in ancient times and medieval times. Only in this modern times the women are being feared as the competition to men and the so called men at power are keeping women at bay in important issues. If this government and the previous government has the good intention about the women, then passing of women bill in Parliament would have been done long back as every party has supported the move. But again even if the women gets the power to rule as per the reservations, then in actual men would be doing the favor and thus she remains the farce.
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    Actually all cultures of ancient world gave women authority and rights.
    Cleopatra served as the queen of Egypt. In ancient Egypt men were given paid holidays for helping out their pregnant wives.
    Even the ancient goddesses were given utmost importance.
    At the dawn of the civilization, mother goddess was the most supreme diety. Every ancient religion had their mother goddess from who all other gods sprout:
    1. Egyptian Isis
    2. Indian Shakthi devi
    3. Greek Gaia
    4. Roman Venus
    5. Frejya of Vikings
    6. Amaterasu from Japan
    7. Even the cardinal deities of Buddhism and various female bodhisatvas.
    Women were worshipped in the ancient world. So what curbed their freedom.
    Well, because you speak of religion here , advent of monotheistic religions caused the reduction of feminism and women rights.
    I'm not trying to pin down a certain religion.
    I can cite facts backing my beliefs. And I won't blame monotheism either. Because the time these religions sprang up, wasn't very ideal for women. Giving women their rights at those times would have brought upon chaos.
    But we need to change with time. Now women want to redeem themselves and restore their stolen authority. So we should give it back to them.

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    The supreme of the universe as per Hinduism is Jagnamata, a female. After her only the three Gods by name, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara come. There is a lady in Indian Mythology called Anasuya, a very pious woman. One day the three Gods by name Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara came to her as three human beings and asked her for food. She accepted and asked them to wait and prepared the food for them and requested them to come for food. Then these told her they will eat only if she serves the food without wearing any clothes and she should be nude. She understood that these three are great Gods. She can't ask them to go without eating and at the same time, she can't serve food as they liked. So she converted all the three of them into boys of age lesses than a year and feed them her breast milk. Such is the greatness of females in our mythology.
    So everybody should respect females and give them the due respect. There is a saying in Sanskrit, the place where ladies are worshipped, those places will be always health and wealth.

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    Women was always given rights and respect in the ancient era, however the modern man is least bothered about women and in this century women are ill-treated. How many rape cases that too brutal ones are reported in our period and still no proper action is taken against the men who has done these. They are still leading a joyful life. This scenario has to be changed and women has to be respected like the olden days.

    All of us are born from the womb of a lady, but at times people forget that. We call the place we live in as, Mother earth but are we respecting her. No! We are exploiting and looting her for increasing our wealth and pleasure. Not only in India but in almost every other country, women has enjoyed top most position in the past but now I do not know how things have changed and it became a male dominant society.

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