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    A small observation that inspires me

    Being alone in the safe arms of nature is one of the best feelings you ever get. It allows you to differentiate between things which matters and things which doesn't, things which are strong enough to bother your peace of mind or things which hurt you. It makes you think about all your fears and tensions and also gives a solution. It tells you that everything is temporary and what matters is a goal which attracts you and fills you with enthusiasm. It reveals the excitement of getting what you never had, a feeling you never felt in knowing what was unknown to you and was taboo for you.

    Nature inspires you to think about all these things; it makes you understand that the race you are running is not meaningless. All the things you observe in this nature seems to push you towards that goal of yours. It talks with you in a different language; a new language of life. It teaches you what you were never taught before. It encourages you.

    I don't know but somehow it tells me that there is no time like perfect moment or time. Have you also observed any such thing in nature or anywhere else?
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    We the human beings are great observers and great critic of others but the problem is that when it is required we tend to ignore the happening and then miss the rare opportunity of nature. Only yesterday myself and my wife were going on the scooter to a remote village near the city and the rain has picked up along with the thunder. For the first time in our life we could see a thunder literally falling on the field which is having a big tree and the spark was bigger than Deepavali crackers and we were just taken aback by such a treat from the nature. Luckily we are away from the spark of nature.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Not to talk much about the nature, I would simply explain this. Last week I was selecting paint colours for my newly constructed house. I selected one colour for my bed room which is light green. The name of the paint is - Silence of the nature from Asian paints. When I painted the house, it really impressed me with the silence of the nature.
    No life without Sun

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    If one can be in harmony with nature he may get such feelings of getting connected with nature. We are always with our family or friends and often do not have such time alone with nature.

    There are people who get message in the blowing winds and whistling sounds of trees and the sound of a water fall or even thundering in the sky but most of us ignore them as ordinary events in our life.

    There were poets who wrote their poems sitting in the serene environment in the very lap of the mother earth and created world famous poems. There are artist who paint the landscapes in the open meadows and long valleys surrounded by hills. People take lot of inspiration from nature and create master pieces.

    So connecting with nature requires concentration and focus. One can get a lot by meditating in that serene and inspirational environment.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Being with nature is really needed for those with stressful jobs and hectic city lives. For many, including us, having a trip to a nature resort, jungle camp is exciting as we quickly detach ourselves from the daily chaos. Once in the lap of nature, we are enthralled by the serene greenery everywhere, birds and animals living in harmony, water gently flowing with unique landscapes.

    The power of silence in such places needs to be experienced to be understood. The whole peaceful atmosphere is relaxing and soothes our minds. The pace of life takes a backseat and the ticking of the clock becomes irrelevant. The seemingly huge problems of life are forgotten for a few hours.

    Few things that nature also helps me with is photography, armed a decent camera try capturing the drizzle, the colorful flapping bird, the cascading water, the deer or just the landscape, there nothing de-stressing than this. The time we spend in such calm surroundings have a lot of positive energy and this helps us to have a stronger outlook and find solutions to our issues.

    Lastly, being with nature and its solitude is very useful to 'reflect back in our lives', what we have done, what we couldn't do, what we could do better, unload some of those grouses about people in particular or the world in general when we have been treated unfairly. I think it also helps us to learn to live in peace and help us to be more mature.

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    Yes, nature owes the ultimate beauty in itself. In our busy schedules, we all get away from nature and its amazing aspects. But during free time, we should go out and breathe fresh air, see our nature. I always like to see Moon during night time whenever I am walking on terrace , it sometimes feel like as if it is talking in its own tune, always shining and spreading light in the dark.
    But there is that one time also, when there is no moon, the Amavasya night, we can take it as an example for our inspiration as when one undergoes hard times, but there is always hope. After dark, there will be light and brightness. Then we have the partial moon , and then we see the Full moon shining brightly the other day.
    This is how nature is, it has its own beauty , its own significance, its about who likes to enjoy and love it.
    It also teaches us the lessons of life in its own way.

    Do what inspires you !!

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    It is said that nature is the best teacher. The knowledge you gain from nature is much more than what you gain from books or other means. Remember William Wordsworth who is known as the nature's poet? In his poem 'The Tables Turned', he writes "Enough of Science and of Art, Close up those barren leaves; Come forth, and bring with you a heart, That watches and receives". So, just being in the nature's lap doesn't help. You need to observe things around and have the heart to receive the abundant knowledge that is available around you.

    See how the birds communicate or how they build their nests; see how disciplined and united the small ants are as they move in a line to their destination; see how a seed sprouts and watch it grow into a plant and then to a tree; see how the bud blossoms into a flower and also how the caterpillar transform itself into a butterfly, feel the breeze, listen to the wind, watch the rains as they grow from a drizzle to a downpour and so many other things. The nature can teach us so much but we need to get closer and must try to decipher and learn from it. Connect with nature and it can inspire and motivate you.

    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Nature is a very good teacher. If we want we can learn many things from nature. In the evenings if you go and sit on the shore of River Godavari and have a glance at nature, we will get delighted. The flowing water silently, small Islands at a distance with full of trees, people going on the boats there and enjoying the natural breeze. A nice experience. We will remember Brooks poem, "Men may come, men may go, but I go on forever". It reminds us that we are mortal but the Godavari is immortal. This is how I used to feel in my college days. I used to go daily in the evening there and spend some time there. The few minutes I spent there has given me immense pleasure. But unfortunately, I missed that these days. Even these days also whenever I go to my native place I used to connect with nature by spending some time and the banks of Godavari.
    So try to connect with nature and feel the freshness and get delighted.

    always confident

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